Estimate the cost of moving an apartment

Estimating the cost of an apartment move can be tricky. For that, you need to take into account several things. You can make estimates yourself or go through professionals. There are several ways to estimate your moving budget.

estimate the cube

Determining the volume will let you know the volume of the movement. This will give you an idea of ​​what you will have to pay. You have the option of calculating the cube in several ways.

Calculate the cubage with your furniture

The estimation of the cube can be done in a very simplistic way. You can use whatever furniture you have. All you need is the height, width and length of each piece of furniture. After having taken to your measure, it will be necessary to add them. However, there are specific pieces of furniture that cannot be intertwined with others. So the volume won’t be exactly right when adding them.

Thus, this calculation method allows to give a general idea of ​​what the movement can be. If you notice this, the volume you determine will be approximate.

Calculate with the number of square meters

You can also determine the volume in square meters. To do this, just take the surface area of ​​your home and divide it by two to get the volume. So, if you live in an 80 m² house, you have 40 m³ to move around. Again, this is an approximate technique.

With an online calculator

You can also use an online calculator. This will allow you to take an inventory of your furniture. Thus, you establish the list of your furniture and the tool takes care of calculating the cube. This is a method that can be more or less accurate depending on the tools being used. With you have the possibility to have a good estimate of the volume of the move as well as the budget to expect. The platform will list your furniture as well as add specific furniture.

with a professional

Finally, when you call professionals, you have the possibility of making a technical visit. A professional will come to balance the volume to be moved and will be able to note the particularities related to transport on D-Day. Moving to an apartment is not necessarily easier, even if the area is smaller than a house. In fact, it is necessary to think about the narrowness of spaces and furniture, but also about the stairs.

This will allow himor give a very accurate estimate later. Many professionals are increasingly opting for a computerized visit using a calculator.

Request a quote online

Once these estimates are made, you can move on to the next step: the estimate. Without volume, it is not possible to have an accurate quote. You can do a series of quotes online to get an idea of ​​how much the move will cost you.

The platform allows you to quickly establish a quote in just a few clicks. All you need to do is enter some important data and you will get an answer within an hour. Requesting a quote is free and without obligation.

Compare quotes and choose the right professional

It is advisable to do quote requests two months before the date you have chosen to move. It is important that you can place multiple quote requests to know what suits you best and which one will have the best price for you. As a general rule, it is advisable to do between 3 or 4 to be in the price and make a good comparison.

Choose a good professional. To do this, carefully analyze the services and options offered. The price differences are notable depending on what you are going to provide and the tasks the moving company will take care of. So pay close attention to packing and unpacking options. If you have specific furniture, it is important that this is mentioned in the budget.

Also see who will do reservations and authorization requests from the City Council. Some companies take care of this administrative aspect. Finally, remember to verify your data and information on each quote. If you make a mistake between quotes, it can make a big difference in prices.

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