Close to Perpignan. He is fired by his company for taking care of his disabled son.

The company Camidi is singled out by the CGT, which denounces multiple unfair dismissals and a “climate of terror”. (©Illustration/Adobe Stock)

The April 15th lastly, Marc* can’t believe his eyes. So, on leave for a few days, he gets a registered letter of his company, in which he learns, with wonder, his bet for foot just in case, and his next call for an interview before possible dismissal. No reason is given then.

Close to Perpignan: he denounces an almost unbelievable layoff

employed as super heavy driver in society camidi, Based on Port-la-Nouvelle (Aude), and which benefits in particular from a deposit in the Rivesaltes, approach Perpignan (Pyrenees-Orientales), this young family man 34 years It’s “shocked”. His partner asks him what happened at work, but he doesn’t understand and doesn’t know what to answer.

Three days earlier, the April 12th, after a long morning at work, Marc leaves his truck at the depot. The latter says that he communicated to his management that he would have authorized him to leave for the afternoon. That day, Marc must really go to a very important appointment, accompanied by his son in 6 years.

Disabled, the piece of cabbage suffers from spastic tetraparesis, paralysis of all four limbs, and benefits from multiple medical follow-ups. This Tuesday, April 12, the boy had a meeting with a orthothetist to put metal splints, and absolutely had to be accompanied by his father.

“I was shocked, shocked. It’s not normal to do that.”

It is this urgent and exceptional absence, translated as “abandonment” by the company, which nevertheless gave its agreement, which became a reason for Dismissal for serious misconduct:

When I received the letter, I was stunned. I did not expect and did not understand what was happening. I didn’t think the company could blame me for taking half a day off to support my son. All after giving me his consent. I was shocked. It’s not normal to do this.

Brand*Employee fired by the company Camidi

After the legal interview with his management, Marc formally learns of his upcoming resignation, after a notice period he is currently serving and until the end of the month. ONE sudden decision and incomprehensible that is already impacting your standard of living and that of your family. “To give you an idea, at the moment I’m earning half of what I earned in the previous months”, confided the Perpignan News.

Management of “terror”, arbitrary layoffs, cascading layoffs…

If Marc’s dismissal crosses the threshold of “inhumanity” use the terms of CGT, his case would not be isolated in the company. Together with Actu Perpignan, the Unity in fact denounces the many actions of Camidi: arbitrary dismissals, “for absurd reasons” against employees with no track record or responsibilities, cascading layoffs: CGT describes a “terror management” inside the company. A full press release was also published.

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As early as 2021, Ludovic Brunet, representative of the CGT, had been fired by Camidi after his recent union commitment. At the time, the latter denounced a real “harassment. It is he himself who confirms to us, by telephone, the daily life of the company’s employees, a carrier of the Charles André Group (GCA) and specialized in the transport of hazardous materials.

The case will go to industrial court

Among the newcomers, Marc, on the other hand, didn’t know all this. This is also why the latter was astonished to hear the news: “I didn’t know the climate that reigned in the company, for some. Before this episode, I only had no problem with management. I learned all this following my resignation process, talking to colleagues who had the same fate before me”, he summarizes, before continuing:

There were many layoffs, but also many layoffs. Good thing there’s a problem.

Brand*Employee fired by the company Camidi

After having challenged his resignation, Marc confirms to Actu Perpignan that he will attack his company in front of the advice from industrial court per unfair dismissal. The CGT union will assist you throughout the procedure. Sought by Actu Perpignan, this Thursday, 12, the company Camidi did not want to react to this case.

*Marc is a false name


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