5 tips to increase your average basket

With a lackluster Black Friday 2021 facing an exceptional 2020 edition, for many e-merchants, the final stretch of the holiday season is full of opportunities to generate income and end the season in style.

With online competition increasingly fierce, dominated by a few giants, and advertising prices soaring, customer acquisition has become difficult and expensive. On the other hand, capitalizing on existing customers and working to increase the value of your basket is much more efficient and profitable. Here are five last-minute tips for merchants to increase their average shopping cart over the holidays and get ready for the new year!

Customize the customer experience

With CRM tools, personalizing the customer experience means making the user want to spend more time on a website and thus increasing the chances of discovering complementary products. This is possible thanks to a “cross-sell” or cross-selling strategy that consists of selling a product or service that is complementary to the one initially consulted by the visitor. Dynamic product bundles allowed the Atkin & Thyme store to increase its average shopping cart by 6.5%**.

Use AI to trigger conversations

An AI that increases sales? That’s the promise of conversational commerce. Thanks to virtual agents, brands can now support customers and reassure them throughout the purchase process. On the Prescription Lab website, which uses the Botmind virtual agent, 55% of automated conversations are generated thanks to the notifications displayed by the latter: it attracts the attention of visitors at the right time and initiates a dialogue with them to guide them in their choice** *. With this product advice and recommendation journey, the beauty box brand was able to increase its average basket by 8-12% during the month of July 2021.3

Diversify payment options with split payments

By 2021, 60% of French people have already used installment payment and 50% plan to use it****. This payment method, very easy to install, is becoming a “must have”. A few days before Christmas, clearly displaying the possibility of installment payments on your website can not only trigger impulse purchases, especially for high-value goods or services, but also encourage customers to fill their basket a little more. This is how the online store Project X Paris multiplied its average basket by 2.5*****.

Unify online and in-store sales

Omnichannel is on everyone’s lips, and with good reason! Thanks to this sales method, merchants who adopt this approach have a complete view of their available stocks, thus being able to offer all their references regardless of the sales channel (online or in person). With more stocks, the product catalog is undeniably expanded, avoiding unsold stocks. La Grande Récré has increased its average shopping cart by 16% thanks to unified commerce features******.

Make delivery a marketing asset

Well thought out, delivery, the last stage of the purchase journey, can become a real selling point for an e-merchant. Reassuring the customer about delivery times by adding banners to the homepage, for example, will dramatically increase your average basket. Some examples with “Delivery before Christmas guaranteed”, or in the extended return of goods: “return possible during an extended period of 30 days instead of 15”.

If there’s one thing we can take away from the last few months, it’s the power and agility of “online”. A shopkeeper, in the final stretch before Christmas, can still adapt his sales channels and tools to offer his customers new solutions, ranging from advice, to payment and delivery. For the rush of end-of-year celebrations, we are convinced, there is always time to adapt your purchase process!

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