The solidarity of business leaders to support the association L’Auvergne pour un enfant

The fourth edition of the benefit dinner organized by the Clermont Auvergne Institute of Business Administration (IAE, Clermont Auvergne University school) took place on Tuesday, May 10, at the Chamalières hotel school.

Exceptional dinner, exceptional chef. Julien Royer, who heads the Odette restaurant in Singapore (three Michelin stars, voted best table in Asia in 2019 and 2020, 18th in the ranking of the 50 best restaurants in the world), made the trip especially, with his second, to orchestrate the menu.

The Cantal chef was joined this Tuesday, May 10, by the Puydomois chefs Jean-Claude Leclerc (a Michelin star for his restaurant in Clermont) and Dorian van Bronkhorst (a Michelin star for his Atelier Yssoirien).

The tribulations of a Cantalian in Singapore: Julien Royer, this star chef

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“I managed to recover Julien Royer’s phone, we communicated via WhatsApp and he responded favorably! », rejoices Lionel Tixier.

This associate professor, co-director of the Masters 2 in asset management at the IAE de Clermont, is the initiative of this meeting created in 2017. “The purpose of this dinner is to support a good cause”, explains Lionel Tixier .

An exceptional team in the kitchen around Julien Royer. Remi Dugne’s photo

In line with the “solidarity dinner”, this solidarity meeting is also an opportunity to “participate in the attractiveness of the area, to show that the main economic actors of the Auvergne territory are committed to giving a dynamic image. That’s why we go to symbolic places”.

In 2017, it was chef Xavier Beaudiment (two-star chef at Le Pré restaurant) who delighted the guests (who enjoyed the superb panoramic view of the Puys chain from the Crous gastronomic area in Clermont). Proceeds from the night went to the Jean-Perrin Center in Clermont.

In 2018, for an orchestrated meal at the top of the Puy de Dôme, it was chef Régis Marcon (three Michelin stars) and pastry chef Stéphane Dupuy (the best worker in France) who made the meal that helped the Analgesia Institute.

In 2019, it was at Vulcania that chef Adrien Descouls was working for a dinner for the benefit of the ACTE Auvergne association.

“Each time, between 35,000 and 50,000 euros were raised”, specifies Lionel Tixier who was able to count, once again, this Tuesday, with the mobilization of a kind of club of major donors in the economic world.

Auvergne pour un enfant celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020

About forty business leaders, among the most important in Auvergne, gathered for an exceptional meal, organized for the benefit of the association L’Auvergne pour un enfant.

Julien Royer came especially from Singapore to Chamalières… The chef, originally from Cantal, returned to high school where he was part of his training. Remi Dugne’s photo

In addition to the chefs who responded to the organizers’ call, the local artisans (bakers, cheesemakers, florists, etc.) also rallied to make the night go well.

This meeting, whose guest of honor was Jacques Mailhot, took place at the hotel school in Chamalières. A return to basics for Julien Royer, a graduate of this establishment before becoming one of Asia’s most popular chefs.

Gilles Lalloz

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