the CGT prepares a strike for the 9th of June and demands a raise of 300 euros for everyone

The ax is dug up. For the employees and unions of the airport division Roissy CDG, the time has come to complain. After two years of Covid, during which voluntary exit plans and layoff plans followed one another, the rampant inflation of recent months was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. And if two weeks ago, Augustin de Romanet, CEO of Aéroports de Paris (ADP), complained about the difficulties of recruiting on airport platforms, the results of the Annual Mandatory Salary Negotiations were equally disappointing.

Makam, an employee of Acna, an outsourced cleaning company, denounces this change in attitude by the sector’s bosses, which he considers a provocation: ” this health crisis has benefited the bosses. There were many layoffs, agreements that were signed, all of which were unfavorable to the employees. When I see that Air France wants to hire 2,000 people, no one says it has laid off more than 6,000 people with Voluntary Leave Plans (VDPs), I get angry. Same bitterness for Nordine, who works for him at Transdev Aero-Piste: In any business, NAOs are ridiculous. They give us €20, €30 a month, not even a baguette a day! “.

For the two CGT unionists, elected to the union’s Local Union, the increase in wages became “vital”. ” It is something necessary and legitimate, explains Nordine, 300€ gross, represents perhaps 220€ net monthly: just two It is, therefore, around this demand, a gross increase of €300 for all Roissy employees, who decided to prepare a strike for the 9th of June.

It must be said that Roissy CDG is a huge machine designed to prevent any strike movement by employees: where Air France and Aéroports de Paris concentrated all jobs a few decades ago, there are now around 800 different companies, including the vast majority subcontractors to a handful of contractors, who share 93,000 employees.

For Nordino, the problem with subcontracting is division: there is local social dumping. There is a form of local legal relocation: before, when it was an Air France employee who worked, now it is a subcontractor that manages, with lower salaries “But if employers have gone to great lengths to separate each activity into myriad companies, for UL CGT Roissy’s new team, that hurdle is surmountable.” When we have 800 companies, we have to prepare a strike in advance, and our goal is to hold an AG in all companies in Roissy. Makam explains to us, while in the discussions between unionists that continue around the barbecue, UL employees offer to come and make rounds at each company.

Now is the time to prepare: we are one month away from the deadline and we gave ourselves time to make this day a success Nordine tells us. I think it will work, because the economic situation makes the issue of wages central “. It must be said that a €300 raise for all employees would be a drop in the bucket compared to the profits of the powerful airport groups.

So, while Air France got 7 billion in aid in 2020, then 5 billion in 2021, the giant already planned to pay off those debts in three years. For its part, ADP has provisioned, for the year 2022 alone, around 90 million euros for its shareholders.

Nicolas Pereira, secretary of the UL, therefore motivates the troops: ” you have to believe this June 9th. We will have to make efforts, be on the ground, convince [les salariés] that is possible, and it is the number that will make it possible! We won’t cry for our bosses, they won’t cry for us. The appointment is, therefore, given in June, “a dead day”, as some officials say, who came to prepare the action, for a strike that must be led by the strikers: a general meeting is planned before and after the strike to determine the next steps.

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