Job. Candidates want to know salary once announcement is made, companies still cautious

Candidates and recruiters are definitely not on the same page. HelloWork, an internet employment and recruitment specialist from Rennes, conducted a new recruitment trends survey of 1,724 candidates and 355 recruiters from March 16-28, 2022. And the look at the hiring process is very different for a side and on the other of the job vacancy portals. Simplicity and transparency: this is in short what candidates ask for. And that, from the ad.

Display compensation as soon as the announcement is made

Salary is considered the most important element in a job offer by candidates (it is for 87% of them). Problem, only 30% of companies systematically include it. A third of them don’t even mention it. But in a context of scarcity of certain profiles, it is very likely that they will lose future recruits. As this element is not only important to candidates, almost half of them guarantee that they are less likely to apply if this nomination does not appear there. HelloWork likens this to an act of shopping on the Internet. The customer being the candidate, the product the company and its job offer. “As a customer, would it be normal for us to be offered a service or a product and asked for a commitment without giving us a price? »asks François Leverger, CEO of HelloWork.

So why this reluctance from companies? Because salary is still a taboo, vis-à-vis outside, but also inside. Showing compensation in the ad means assuming that the teams that work, whatever work they do, know what the company is willing to spend in a given position. “This forces the company to do a lot of compensation work internally, which is also a strong retention factor”, emphasizes François Leverger. Because before trying to recruit, the challenge is also to retain those who are already there. But “In these contexts of tension in the labor market, there may be a recruitment bonus with salaries offered higher than those practiced internally in the company. This can create tension. There is also a cultural issue. In Anglo-Saxon countries in particular, it is more natural to display salaries. In France, these practices need to be changed. This is a real expectation on the side of the candidates. »

Showing specific compensation in the job advertisement can be tricky for recruiters. To leave room for negotiation depending on the candidate’s experience and strengths, it is quite possible to give a salary range. Both job seekers and recruiters agree that this range should not exceed €5,000 gross per year.

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We apply as we order a product online

In addition to the salary, those preparing to apply also want to be informed about the company’s culture and work environment. It is essential for 83% of them. 93% of candidates consult a company’s photos before applying if they are present at a job offer, and 66% want to know the steps of the recruitment process as soon as they are announced. Two areas of improvement for recruiters, nearly half of whom do not post photos or videos and who struggle to present the stages of recruitment (only one in five companies do), underlines HelloWork.

“It’s a bit like on an e-commerce site, you expect to have information about the product in the same space instead of going left and right looking for information before returning to the site to possibly buy the product” , launches David Beaurepaire, Managing Director of HelloWork. Other essential points to include in the latter for 68% of candidates, financial benefits (participation, meal vouchers, etc.) and teleworking for 55% of them against 31% of recruiters.

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Candidates who expect to be respected

But candidates also want to be more respected. 97% require feedback when responding to an offer or after an interview. But only 2 in 3 recruiters send an acknowledgment of receipt of the application and 1 in 3 do not systematically send a response to unsuccessful candidates. And there is sometimes a disconnect between what companies believe is an answer and how candidates interpret it. “They don’t expect an automatic message, like “We have received your application, if within three weeks you do not have a response, please consider that we will not retain you”. A recruiter might consider this a refusal. That will never be the case for a candidate. Nobody would agree when they buy something that, if it’s out of stock, will never be delivered and nobody tells them.”. Better consideration of candidates is a big challenge in terms of employer branding, but also with potential customers.

Another lesson, for 79% of candidates and 71% of recruiters, the recruitment process between the application and the final response should take a maximum of one month. Nearly half of those who apply are prepared to do remote interviews only, while almost unanimously, prospective employers feel that at least one physical interview is necessary. And surprisingly, 76% of the former think companies are in a position of strength during the interview, while 79% of recruiters think just the opposite. Another proof of the importance of better balancing exchanges by being more transparent.

In summary, at a time when candidates want to be able to respond to an offer in a few clicks on their mobile phone, the job will have to adapt by adopting codes similar to those of services such as Uber or Doctolib, which are already part of our daily lives. .

Job. Candidates want to know salary once announcement is made, companies still cautious

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