Complete guide to recharging in Nantes

Exemplary: for its cars, City Hall bets on electric cars

It is a must since 1er last July: the law requires local authorities to integrate 30% of clean vehicles during the annual renewal of their fleet. However, notes the city of Nantes, “manufacturers are no longer able to offer a sufficient range of vehicles powered by natural gas. »

The City, Metropolis and CCAS, united in a group, will, therefore, favor 85% of electric motorization. Only vans and vans will continue to run on gasoline, “the supply from manufacturers is insufficient to date”. In total, the new market, which started at the end of last year, covers four years and 373 vehicles, for ten million euros. A sacred jackpot, in favor of the energy transition.

Also a way of show the example to the inhabitants of the city or surroundings. In fact, if the municipality has the capacity for this, why not them? Especially since the increase in the electric fleet necessarily translates into a more voluntary and significant deployment of charging points. We notice in particular, as in all cities, the need to do more…

How many charging stations are there in Nantes?

Every year, France’s big cities try their best to achieve their delay in deployment charging stations. The objective is to enable the transition to sustainable mobility and facilitate the daily lives of residents. In Nantes, we can say that the site is still big. This problem also concerns the Pays de la Loire region, second to last in the national ranking (about 1,700 terminals).

If cities like Montpellier, Saint-Etienne or Nancy have the best EVs/terminals ratios, this is not the case for Nantes, which is simply the last big city in France in this area with 48 electric cars per charging station. in total, Nantes has 109 charging points. By way of comparison, cities facing a real deficit, like Bordeaux or Marseille, will soon have more than 500.

You can find some examples of charging points (location and number) here:

thick head Address taken
Super U Les Grands Champs 154 rue Audigane / Ancenis 1
Renault Ancenis Space 23 south / Ancenis 1
Nantes-les-Machines car park Boulevard Leon Office / Nantes 1
Nissan Nantes 349 route from Vannes / ST HERBLAIN 1
Renault Chateaubriant Rue Ernest Hemingway / Chateaubriant two
Another Faubourg Cholet shopping center 7 rue Sorel Tracy / Cholet two
wind turbine house 74, RUA JAUNAIE / LE PELLERIN two
Renault Nantes 349 Vannes road / Saint Herblain two
Nantes North Station car park Stalingrad Boulevard / Nantes two
South Station of Nantes 32 Rue de Lourmel / Nantes two
Auchan St Herblain shopping center 325 Route de Vannes / ST HERBLAIN 4

Supercharger in Nantes

This is a destination charger within the Westotel premises.

Nantes: the need to deploy more endpoints

The deliberation on the electrification of the Nantes fleet was an opportunity to ask the Chamber to go further in favor of electric cars, also for the general public. In Nantes Métropole, at the end of 2020, 120 public charging points and 5,000 electric vehicles were in circulation, i.e. 41 vehicles per charging point.

According to European guidelines, the mesh of an area is sufficient from the moment it has a charging point for ten vehicles. The City and the Metropolis must, therefore, reflect on a more aggressive policy of implementing public electric charging stations because we can see that the calculations are not good…

Now, if you are actively looking for charging points for your electric car, know that you can use ChargeMap. In fact, this particularly practical site lists them and indicates their situation (usable or not). If you need to go somewhere and you know there will be a wait (shopping, restaurant or cinema), this is the perfect opportunity to add extra autonomy to your EV.

What are the charging solutions in Nantes?

Do you have a specific charging station installation project?

Call the experts to install your charging station. You will benefit from financial aid and tax credits offered by the government. Whether for your electric or hybrid vehicle, now is definitely the time to set up your charging solution.

You can take advantage of the few public terminals available in Nantes. But if you are looking for more practical and sustainable charging solutions, here is what we can advise:

Install a home charging station

As in all cities, many installers offer to help you install a charger in your home. It’s easier and cheaper! Many local installers, welcome you to meet your needs…

If it is not possible to install a charging station directly at home for technical or financial reasons, why not try to convince your employer? Installing charging points can be profitable for businesses. Don’t hesitate to read the articles written by Tesla Magazine to learn more about it!

Rent a private parking space with Yespark

To face this challenge that affects the residents of Nantes, Yespark decided to implement a parking offer with a charging station. Here are some examples of rental car parks in Nantes:

Partnership with Yespark

In order to expand the parking offer to Nantes, Yespark is also working to equip its car parks with charging stations. So, you will soon be able to book your monthly space and recharge your vehicle with complete peace of mind!

A regional installation plan for the benefit of the city

Nantes could benefit from the Pays de la Loire region plan in the near future to see its terminal offer increase. But to what extent? The Region has announced that it wants to become the first in France in terms of sustainable mobility. A comprehensive financial support plan for loading equipment is being considered.

A total of 548 public charging stations will be deployed across the Region. Loire-Atlantique, where Nantes is located, will benefit 196 electrical terminals, including 18 fast charging points. It should be remembered that the latter type of installation is often located on main roads, while slow charging stations are often found on the road, in the city center, close to shops.

It goes without saying that this plan is good news for Nantes, but that the number of terminals announced is far below expectations, especially when looking at new electric car registrations.

electric car from the nantes region of the terminal fast slow

Do you live in another city besides Nantes?

Tesla Magazine produces charging guides for all cities in France, follow the guide:

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