BMW criticizes competitors’ broken promises…

I’Auto Industry today is totally committed at the electrification process models. In new electric cars are presented in all directions and their acting seem increase very quicklyespecially for theautonomy most important and recharge time constantly accelerated. Progress that manufacturers naturally like to highlight. According to many manufacturers, theelectrification would already be a great success, so much so that it would have already turned into a frantic race between all the brands.

That said, every now and then we hear growl in a corner. Certain voices actually cry out to keep your feet on the ground in this electrification process. This is particularly the case for Frank WeberThe head of technology and development at BMW and member of the Board of Directors. in an interview with AD.nlhe does not mince his words and indicates that the reality it is good less flattering as some claim.

The hypocritical attitude of Mercedes and Audi

Frank Weber BMW

franc Weber accuses including some of your competitorsmercedes, Audi and You are here do not cite them – no not keep your promises and playing with consumers’ feet. According to Mr. Weber, the loading speeds and the autonomies electric cars announced by the competition would not be respected In practice. Furthermore, Frank Weber finds hypocritical that some brands are now advancing a date when will they stop selling combustion engines. ONE position everything else pernicious according to this official that a certain number of exceptions are mentioned.

With these words, Weber clearly points the finger at Mercedes and Audi. “These broken promises don’t sit well with BMW. We should be honest about it,” he explained to the media. because “at the end of the day, we’re not helping anyone by offering electric cars when charging infrastructure is not yet in place. Wherever you look in the world, many countries are not yet ready to switch to electric cars. And of course we cannot ignore it. The lies offend people’s sensibilities which contributes to creating bad conditions for the transition, which then has every chance of failing. Everyone realizes that a complete switch to electric conduction is not the solution at the moment.”

Loading slower than advertised

Weber also issued serious doubts as for loading speeds effective Tesla superchargers.You are here indicates having fast chargers with power of 250kWwhich is actually more than the power of 200kW deployed by charging stations ionity with which BMW works.

That said, there is a big difference between the numbers on paper and the numbers In practicesaid Frank Weber again. “At Ionity charging stations, six fast chargers can be used at the same time with a charge level maintained at 200 kW for each of the units. If you watch the compressors from Tesla, you will find that with ten fast chargers next to each other, each charger now only provides 20kW instead of the promised 250 kW. This is obviously a key point, because fast charging is at least as important for electric cars asbattery life “Explained Mark Weber again.

Aboutrange of electric cars, Frank Weber was also not kind to his competitors. According to WLTP standards, the Mercedes EQS would offer a range of 730 km against “only” 625 km in the BMW iX. But according to the BMW boss, reality offers totally different results : ” During the testing of’ADACit turned out that the autonomy promised by the EQS was not achieved in practice and that our iX consumes much less energy than the EQS.

This shows that we keep our promises, which does not happen with our competitors”, he concluded. One wonders what the mood will be the next time the heads of technology and development from all these brands cross paths. Because, yes, it happens quite regularly…

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