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Driven by a crowdfunding campaign, Italian startup iSpace2o is developing a hydrofoil-like machine capable of moving in and under water with onboard oxygen production.

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The Deepseaker DS1 is a 2-in-1 machine designed to carry up to 4 people. Why do we mention an electric car in the title? To stay true to your iSpace2o hydrofoil presentation: ” The vehicle is designed in an automotive style, as the idea is to use it like a real car, with all the comfort of a car, with the possibility to travel underwater and even on the surface. “.

The boat thus derives 2 great possible uses. First of all, for excursions with family or friends, with the possibility of admiring what is happening under the water. But the Deepseaker DS1 will also be suitable for professional use. For example, for scientific observations, surveillance missions or emergency interventions.

2 in 1: A boat on the water…

When climbing on its blades, the machine in its basic version will be able to reach a speed of 23 knots, or just over 42 km/h. A performance it owes to its 2 electric motors with a power of 40 kW each. But also to Sealence’s DeepSpeed ​​​​jets that provide the hydrofoil with original propulsion.

Great thrust, absolute silence, no vibrations », qualifies iSpace2o. what to design into a new experiential dimension “Promise your communication service. Rechargeable in about 8 hours, lithium-ion batteries should therefore offer a range of between 6 and 8 hours. Without quantifying the pack’s energy capacity, iSpace2o mentioned the possibility of a quick recharge in about 60 minutes.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the Deepseaker DS1 will modulate its operation to have enough energy to reach the destination indicated by the occupants and guarantee the return. The startup cites Tesla to illustrate this assistance.

…and a pocket submarine

It is currently the only ship capable of evolving into both a speedboat and a submersible. », insists iSpace2o in its various media. The company now indicates the possibility of descending to a depth of 50 meters. It also promised, before the Covid-19 crisis, a mode of operation that would allow diving to 100 m. For how long ?

It will be more the energy available in the batteries than the level of oxygen that will put an end to evolution in the submarine. This vital gas for occupants will be produced directly on site from the water that will surround the Deepseaker DS1. Why electrolysis? The startup speaks of an innovation, a ” interaction between two electric motors connected to turbines “.

Deepseaker DS1 by iSpace2o

A kind of centrifuge that would allow the recovery of oxygen molecules, with a certain capacity for storing the gas thus obtained. In addition, iSpace2o promises an evolution of its machine capable of operating with both battery and hydrogen. Probably with fuel cells. The issue of electrolysis may rest at this point.


In terms of security, the young Italian company wants to be particularly reassuring. Especially for the diving phases. She explains: ” The submarine is equipped with a perimeter airbag that inflates with air in an emergency, for quick ascent to the surface in the event of damage. “.

The realization of the hull is also legal in this matter. The cockpit is like a kind of tough carbon bubble, housed in a kind of ” steel rib “. If this is indistinguishable from the outside, it is because it is itself covered with thermoplastic body “.

This allows iSpace2o to guarantee: ” In the event of a collision, the interior will always remain protected, being a separate unit from the rest of the submarine. “.

New technologies

In addition to autonomous navigation capabilities, the Deepseaker DS1 will carry other elements of new technologies. Thus, in addition to the digital panel, a head-up display derived from augmented reality and produced by HoloMask. It will allow you to always have the most important information about the operation of iSpace2o at your fingertips.

The machine will also be equipped with devices that will allow you to live an intense discovery experience. So with GoPro cameras and hydrophones to hear the inhabitants of the marine world.

Following a loan granted by the Italian agency Invitalia for business development, and after 3.3 million euros raised from 500 investors registered on the crowdfunding platform CrowdFundMe, iSpace2o will be able to build the hull of its prototype.

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