The two lives of Nivernais Gilles Charpin, business manager and co-president of USO Nevers handball

Gilles Charpin, “a man of passions and convictions”, is a plural president. He is CEO of the company CEGEPLAST founded by his father and co-president of USO Nevers Handball that plays in the National 2 amateurs.

“When I set a route, I go to the end and give myself all the means to get there. But that doesn’t mean I’m overly ambitious.” This reasoning and this way of acting, he applies both in his company and in his sports club.

If it operates on two levels, Gilles Charpin specifies: “In sport, the means of action are not the same as in a company. However, the notion of progression applies to both.” And to both, he commits himself with the same strength, the same conviction, the same determination. But he knows how to separate them. “When I’m in one, I’m not in the other. They are two separate worlds.”

“It’s never my identity. Nevers is the art of living, it’s a calm city. As for Nièvre, its potential is underexploited”

Gilles Charpin (empty)

But handball, in addition to a club in which he has been licensed since he was 10 years old, a club in which he was a player, referee, coach and even at the scorer’s table, “is a small way out » that allows him to get away from the pressure that every entrepreneur This club has been yours for a long time, but that’s not the only reason he assumed the presidency in 2006.

Sport is your way out

In the last two years, it has had a co-chairman in the person of Michael André. “We really make a good pair.” Nothing forced him to make such an investment, but he insists: “For us entrepreneurs, it is a must to invest in different areas. Me, it’s sports. And it’s a way of giving to my city, to my territory. »

Michaël André and Gilles Charpin, two presidents, two itineraries, the same passion: handball USO Nevers

The company, he brought the paw there, he invested there, mainly in bi-injection machines and soon triple injection. “The financial commitment is made only according to the certainty of the markets and the amortization period is precisely calculated”. This management and CEGEPLAST’s recognized know-how, which achieves an average turnover of 5 to 5.5 million euros, allows it to have differentiated customers. This is the case, in Nevers, of Look Cycle, Look Fixation and Eurosit, of Sumiriko in Decize, of TCT in Sauvigny-les-Bois and of the Henkel group for which it deals directly with Germany, delivering, every day and directly, from car manufacturers located across Europe. “It took us ten years to be approved. »

Your company in the face of crisis

CEGEPLAST is a human scale company and this gives it “responsiveness”. In addition, Gilles Charpin has outsourced some support services, such as human resources and accounting, allowing him to be fully focused on his core business.

And, like all businesses, it has taken the full brunt of the Covid-19 crisis which, in its early days, has mostly resulted in a temporary closure. This resulted, between April and June 2020, in no turnover. Fortunately, the company is financially sound.

Important dates.
1964: birth in Nevers on 2 August.
1983: obtains technical baccalaureate at Jules Renard secondary school in Nevers. A BTS and a DUT will follow.
1988: begins his professional life at Look, in Nevers. He will remain there for eight years.
1996: joined CEGEPLAST in 1996, a company founded by his father Guy in 1989.
2010: officially becomes CEO of CEGEPLAST, a company with 35 employees today.

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