Sfax | 10th edition of the Business Fair: “Vá Empreendedor”!

The Salon de l’Entreprise represents a true place of exchange, learning and deepening on all matters that affect the day to day of the company. The motto of this 10and edition will be “Vá Empreendedor”.

is among the 1er and on June 2, 2022, the tenth edition of the Sfax Business Fair will be held. This is an opportunity for promoters, investors, project idea holders, service providers and representatives of investment support structures, financing and skills training to meet. The motto of this 10and edition will be “Vá Empreendedor”.

The Salon de l’Entreprise represents a true place of exchange, learning and deepening on all matters that affect the day to day of the company. It also represents a meeting point for promoters, investors, entrepreneurs, industrialists, traders, service providers, artisans, farmers, entrepreneurs, associations, the media, representatives of ministries, organizations, administrations, banks, financial institutions and representatives of society. civil.

More than 80 mini-conferences

Over two days, participants of this event will be able to participate in three major seminars and more than 80 mini-conferences led by experts and specialists. Various topics will be addressed, namely creation, development, takeover, business financing, franchising and mentoring. In addition, the Business Fair will be organized around four villages that will focus on monitoring and supporting companies, internationalization, financing and investment and, finally, digital innovation. and Technology.

The Exhibition also has more than 10,000 visitors, 250 exhibitors, several seminars and conferences in addition to the 200 B to B meetings scheduled for the occasion.

This 10and The edition of Sfax Business Fair aims to make known the different possibilities, advantages, programs and mechanisms for the benefit of companies, in order to enhance their growth and for the benefit of investment and business creation. The Fair also intends to publicize the services provided by the various administrations, structures, organizations and associations to companies, entrepreneurs, promoters, investors and those who wish to create a project. It will encourage investment and the creation of projects and raise awareness of the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial culture. The Fair will guarantee the meeting, the communication and the exchange of opinions and experiences between the different economic agents.

Better identify opportunities

Under the aegis of Nejla Bouden, Head of Government, the Ministry of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises and the Sfax Business Center jointly organize this edition in collaboration with the Sfax Chamber of Commerce, the promotion of industry and innovation, the Regional Union for Trade and Industry, the General Commission for Regional Development, the Agency for the Promotion of Agricultural Investments, the National Crafts Office, the National Tourism Office of Tunisia, the National Agency for Employment and Independent Work and the University of Sfax.

According to the organizers, it is important to visit the Fair to learn about the different programs, possibilities, mechanisms and programs available for investment and the creation of projects and the development of companies to improve their growth and also expand. their markets, explore investment opportunities and project ideas in the area of ​​business and finance, and exchange opinions and experiences of economic actors. “This Fair allows you to see the opportunities and financing procedures for the company or for the creation or expansion of projects. It allows you to know how to get help in the supervision, monitoring and support services needed in the various phases of project implementation and the most appropriate solutions for each case”, assures the Sfax Chamber of Commerce.

twoand edition of the “Start Up Innovation Challenge”

the 10and The Salon de l’Entreprise edition will focus on innovation, creation and digitalization as values ​​that must permeate the fields of entrepreneurship, franchising, project creation and international cooperation, pillars of expression. In parallel with this strategic orientation towards digitalization, which should become a shared culture between the various economic agents for the good of the company and the business environment, the organizing committee is working hard so that the event contributes, through its various activities and themes, the relaunch of economic activity and development work, as well as the relaunch of the company after the Covid-19 crisis and its harmful repercussions on the national and international economy.

It will also be marked by the organization of the second edition of the “Start Up Innovation Challenge”, in partnership between the Sfax Business Center, the Instituto Superior de Informática e Multimédia (Isims) and the Costart incubator, based at the Sfax technology park. Prizes will be awarded to the three winners of this competition for the best start-ups in the IT field at the service of the environment, agriculture and health, with the aim of encouraging young promoters. The call for entries for this contest began on April 15th and will end on May 15th. Candidates must present their pitch on the projects they developed on the opening day of the Exhibition, while the disclosure and delivery of the prizes to the winners will take place during the closing ceremony of the Exhibition.

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