Vendée: with their start-up, they want to conquer the world of digital documents

Guillaume Paquereau (left) and David Grelaud (right) launched the company Carbone.IO in Bellevigny. ©Pierre BARBOTEAU

David Grelaud, Guillaume Paquereau and Steve Payraudeau, three Vendians respectively from Saint-Hilaire-le-Vouhis, Aizenay and Challans, are not necessarily used to talking about their profession to the general public. What is certain is that these three enthusiasts of software and digital innovations have the merit of speaking the same language for several years: that of computer coding.

They created their company together two years ago, Carbone.IO. A start-up specializing in the generation and modification of digital documents, based in Bellevigny.

What is the principle?

A rather vague description put like that, and one that deserves an explanation. What could all this consist of? “Today, all documents, such as invoices, audits, reports or parcel labels, are generated by software and are not handwritten. The tools that exist are not efficient enough to generate a document and design it. They get the job done, but are cumbersome to use. Carbone.IO, therefore, allows almost anyone to do it, bringing a simplified update”, underlines David Grelaud, training engineer, at the initiative of the project. The man is none other than the former creator of the company Ideolys, which became Easylis, in La Roche-sur-Yon, the complete software package dedicated to the management of hotels and restaurants.

To outline and understand the principle of Carbone.IO, nothing better than an example. Let’s say a customer wants to write an invoice in digital format. He enters this context in a classic word processing software, writes his invoice and saves it in PDF. Now, let’s imagine ourselves in a company where it’s impossible to make a custom file every time. “I have an order management system and I want to automate my invoice management. Carbone.IO will give me the computer data: product description, cost, VAT… We take this data into account and then we generate this document with our software, which is kind of “from Word”. We simplify a lot”, explains Guillaume Paquereau.

prestigious customers

The start-up, therefore, facilitates the work of companies, offering them a significant time saving. The Christian Dior group understood this well when it turned to the company Vendée. “Their group had a new management and customer relationship tool. This tool generated invoices, except that they needed to produce specific documents for export customs. Documents that your tool was unable to produce. So they came through us. Every time an order is placed for your customers, we generate this document for customs. It’s a time saver as developers are an increasingly scarce and expensive resource. »

The young start-up collaborates with Christian Dior, but also with the Ministry of the Interior. Just that. “The ministry generates security documents. They use another system that uses Carbone, so we have a direct link. There are very specific security requirements. We don’t have access to what they do, but they do. This allows us to be referenced in safe software known to the State”, says David Grelaud with satisfaction.

Carbone.IO also works with the real estate group IAD France, being the originator of brochures for real estate agencies, as well as the summary sheets of the houses. The start-up also negotiates with two service providers in the banking sector for the production and generation of account statements and works with the hospital world.

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Covid is accelerating its production

These computer wizards also enter into contracts internationally, mainly in Europe. In Germany, for example, where document generation literally exploded during the health crisis. “A German customer generates large volumes. He told us it was related to Covid. We are almost certain that the generated documents match the Covid test report sheets. There were about 8 million documents in a month. “A guaranteed jackpot for Carbone.IO, which monetizes its concept on a fixed basis. For example, to generate 10,000 documents per month, you have to pay the amount of €95. For large clients like the one mentioned before, the bill is bigger. “We gave him a contract for 5 million documents, at 2,500 euros per month”, calculate the two colleagues.

foreign competition

In its list of fighters are Brazil, Canada, Israel and New Zealand. The biggest market remains the United States, where competition is fierce. Anyway, they are the only ones in France to offer this service. Another example of the Vendée “success story”? “It will continue, this is just the beginning. There is nothing gained. I never would have thought it could become a product. I tweaked something in my corner and it worked,” says David Grelaud.

Turnover of €200,000

So much so that in just two years, the company, which has just three employees and is headquartered in the Vendée engineer’s house, achieved a turnover of €200,000. “We were counting on that number. We follow our business plan. We would like to become the key actor in document generation. “Why not approach giants like Google or Amazon? The company is working on it. Since its inception, it has generated hundreds of millions of digital documents. And it won’t stop…

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