Tips for making a car battery last…

The transition to electric car started as Europe will ban the sale of thermal cars from 2035. That said, in Belgiumit is transition it is likely to go fasterbecause in recent weeks there has been an increase in demand for electrified vehicles with, in the head of companiespreference for eletric cars. And this is normal: the legislation will only allow the deduction of electric cars from 2026.

The electric car it works today as a smartphone in the sense that there is time of use and the recharge time. However, during recharges, the drums for deteriorated until it no longer has sufficient autonomy, for which, because, must then be substituted. some small gesturesapproaches, way to recharge have a affecting is not insignificant in that inevitable process of deterioration. They are listed here so you can optimize at best life of drums of your electric car.

Preheat your electric car

All eletric cars Can it be remotely preheatedoften through smartphone apps. This feature is highly recommendedon the one hand because, when the car is on, it does not “pump” the heating energy to the battery, but also because the the battery itself is preheated in this way. This way, when you take the wheel, it will be used in ideal conditions which will prevent degradation. In addition, driving will be more efficient, because the battery will be able to immediately provide its optimal power, as well as its best regenerative capacity (especially in urban driving). Of course, that preheating function is particularly suitable in winter to avoid an obvious “heat shock”.

Different habits in cold weather

Tips for making an electric car battery last

The electrical refund of a battery – and therefore its autonomy – is very affected when it’s cold : we will travel fewer kilometers (up to 30 to 40%), a reality that is even more marked when we make extensive use of peripherals (heating, heated seats, etc.). Many manufacturers recommend leave the car on so that the battery temperature does not fall below a certain threshold. According to experts, the energy consumption for that is Minimum, but will optimize package durability. Also note that it is inadvisable to expose an electric car whose the load is less than 40%. ‘Cause she could be touched more easily by frost.

Preheat the battery before recharging

Modern electric cars offer a Battery preheat function before recharging. This function is useful when you are about to perform a quick recharge on a planned route. Indeed, the quick charges cause a maximum heating battery, which tends to deteriorate the cells. In addition, preheating the battery will allow Furthermore in gain timebecause, once at temperature, the pack will more easily accept the power of the recharge.

Do not systematically recharge at night

In general, users who have a charging station at home go home and connect their vehicle until the next use, i.e. the next day. This reflex is probably not the best to acquire, even if it grants (for a moment) the greatest autonomy. The small users especially (short distances) should avoid systematically recharging the batterybecause these several refills deteriorate they also package. In fact, each new recharge add a cycle to history and is not necessarily necessary. Let’s not forget that a battery today is designed for a number of cycles that vary between 1,500 and 2,000 on average…

Do not charge 100%

Recharge up to 100% an electric vehicle battery is not not usefulwhy this action deteriorated also the longevity. To diaryWould be better be limited to 80%a limit that also allows you to save reload time (the maximum reload speed is reached between 20 and 80%). Ditto for car storage. : Avoid charging the battery to 100%. The on-board system determines the desired percentage. Of course, when you need to perform a long tripof course you can reload at 100%. But it must be theexception.

Avoid riding less than 20% of the package

On the other hand, to roll with a loaded car less than 20% It also leads, in the long term, to a packet degradation. It is therefore better observe the 20-80% rule to optimize life.

Tips for making an electric car battery last

Note in this regard that a full download (dry) leads to damage the battery. Even at 0%, a battery still allows you to drive a few miles, but it will stop at some point, even if it isn’t. not completely emptybecause you must keep a vital level of electricity. That’s why we distinguish between a battery’s total capacity and its usable (or usable) capacity.

Do occasional quick charges

We know: the quick charges they are destructive to batterieseven if they are essential when traveling through a long trip. The high temperatures that are generated overload the cells and, forcibly, will impact the package durability. Whenever possible, slow reloads should be preferred, all, again, limiting reload volume to 80%.

Know your battery usage level

If small gestures are very useful, it is also always interesting know your battery health (State of Health or SoH). As with smartphones, many mobile apps are available to discover. From websites like are also good tools as they also offer a certificate in this state of health, which can be practical in case of resale. Note that the constructor it also has the computer systems to accurately know the state of the battery. That said, that Operation it’s frequent paying.

Up to 2000 charge cycles

As for smartphones, we are talking about longevity of a battery inside occupation in number of charge/discharge cycles. Hence our advice not to systematically recharge when not needed. Naturally, the number of cycles varies from model to model, but we also know that the smaller a battery is, the shorter it will last over time. Note in general that the number of cycles planned swings between 1,500 and 2,000. Also, the battery capacity will drop significantly. For a battery that travels 300 km on one charge, this corresponds to 300,000 km. Of course, the web is full of testimonials where some users have traveled much more with the same package, but the reverse is also true.

Time also deteriorates the package

In general, it is considered that battery loses about 2% of its capacity per year. This means that after 5 years, the maximum capacity oscillates around 80 or 90% (since we must add the natural deterioration of the cycles). In general, manufacturers Warranty your battery in this range: 8 years or 160,000 km for a remaining capacity of 70%. If the battery is below this limit, it must be replaced free of charge.

How to store an electric car for a long time?

An electric car was not meant to be shutdown for a long period. That said, this is naturally common. Note globally that when an electric car is not not used for more than 12 hoursit is better that the load is located between 30 and 80%. If the car is 100% charged, the cells will degrade after a few hours – this is also the chemistry. Ideally, charge your car to 50% before storage. A discharge will be observable, but it will be minimal, as will the pressure on cells.

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