The company is looking for a license that does not exist

Sometimes a project doesn’t fit the existing bureaucratic mold and the whole thing becomes a headache. This is what Manon Bond lives by, whose delivery business does not correspond to the type of business license granted by the city of Baie-Comeau. Everyone, in this case, is watering down the wine, but the situation is still not resolved.

Since August 2021, Manon Bond has operated Manon Delivery, a company that makes all types of deliveries. It does not carry passengers and is not linked to a particular business. It also doesn’t need installations to work. For now, Manon Delivery has one employee and two cars, soon a third, electric.

When she left, Mrs. Bond didn’t ask if she needed a license to operate. “I didn’t know a license was needed,” she says.

Once this formality had been completed, his business did not fit into any of the categories. “I’ve been offered a peddler and traveling salesman’s license, but that’s not what I do,” insists Manon Bond. The other problem is that, according to current regulations, she cannot operate the business from her home, even if no clients come there.

After discussions with the urban planning department of the city of Baie-Comeau, he received a permit for a taxi and limousine service. However, this type of license only allows the circulation of one vehicle. Once again, Ms. Bond doesn’t fit the mold.

a place for nothing

“There’s no question I get a taxi licence, that’s not what I do and I still don’t have the right to operate from home. I’ve found a place for myself, but I don’t need it, and that makes the expenses absolutely not pay I have no problem complying, but with the type of license that meets my needs”, says the businessman.

In addition, Ms. Bond has accommodation at her residence. However, no professional or commercial service can be performed at the main address when additional accommodation is found there, again in accordance with the regulations in force. Thus, to eventually have a residence permit, the accommodation will have to be dismantled.

So far, Manon Bond still doesn’t have the right license for the right thing. The municipality tolerates the situation until there is a change in the regulation to properly regulate this type of situation. The owner of Delivery Manon retorts that existing regulations are not respected everywhere.

It is better to ask at the beginning, defends the City Hall

In the city of Baie-Comeau, we easily agree that the regulations on business licenses do not cover all cases and that it is necessary to adapt them over time. But it reminds us at the same time that a future entrepreneur should always inform himself about the regulations in force before starting.

“We understand that this is likely a good faith error, but it is still relevant to point out because all the information could have been known and shared early on, unsurprisingly,” said Ville’s Communications Director Mathieu Pineault. , about the fact that Manon Bond didn’t find out beforehand to get a business permit.

The latter also points out in an email exchange with the maniac that a municipality “has the obligation to supervise trade (…), for the good of all and above all of all traders in its territory”. Without supervision, “it will be chaos”, he continues.

City Hall assures that the urban planning department will make a change to adjust its regulations for this new type of business and probably other types. But Mr. Pineault goes on to say that it would be “surprising” if this change to the bylaws were more permissive when it comes to running a business from a home.

“There are logically different rules that apply to an entrepreneur who wants to operate from his home rather than a place of business,” he says.

In conclusion, Mathieu Pineault argues that “there are solutions and it is important that the owner continues to take measures with the urban planning department to achieve this”.

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