Thanks to French software, your Mac will be 3x faster than before

Intego Washing Machine is the software you need to restore your Apple computer to its original speed and extend its life.

Is your Mac starting to slow down and you don’t have the budget to replace it? Why not give it a cheap facelift. To do this, the best solution is to use a powerful cleaning tool. In this area, one French company particularly stands out from the others. This is Intego, which specializes in publishing software for Apple computers.

Intego offers a high-performance cleaning tool called the Washing Machine. The latter allows you to clean and optimize your Mac’s disk to significantly improve its speed. Even though they are recognized and appreciated for their qualities and especially for the performance they offer, all Macs at some point start to slow down over time.

This is usually due to the hard disk space being full. The less free space your Mac has, the more its performance will be negatively affected. To remedy this and get your computer up to date and fast, deep cleaning should be done regularly. For lack of knowing how to proceed, or for fear of making an irreparable mistake, many users have never done it. This is the whole point of using dedicated software.

There are few software on the market and, often, the ones available are very expensive. Fortunately, Intego was able to offer an offering accessible to the general public. Especially since with the price at which the Washing Machine is displayed, you have everything to gain knowing that it is capable of accelerating your Mac’s speed by up to 3x.

The Intego Washing Machine thus benefits from a very nice promotion that you cannot miss. French software retails for just €19.99 instead of €49.99 for a lifetime license.

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Concretely, this means that once you have bought it for the modest sum of 20 euros, it belongs to you forever. You won’t need to renew your license after a certain period, as is the case with 99% of other cleaning software on the market. With Intego, you pay for the software once and you can use the washing machine for a lifetime.

A very important point, therefore, which is in perfect harmony with the philosophy of this software: there is no need to use it every day. As with overhauling a car, it is advisable to use it less often, but regularly. Once a quarter is more than enough to ensure your system is operational and efficient.

During the scan, Intego looks for junk files that you don’t use and that can be safely deleted from your Apple computer. Once it finds them, it presents them to you in a detailed report and gives you the option to exclude the ones you want to free up disk space.

Why choose the Intego Washing Machine?

Present in the market for 25 years, Intego is a reference in optimization and security software for Mac. In addition to offering its Washing Machine, the publisher also specializes in an antivirus specially optimized to protect Apple computers. By focusing only on software for Mac devices, Intego has become the expert.

It is for this reason that 30 million users worldwide have already chosen an Intego solution and that the company has also been repeatedly praised for the quality of its software by a number of experts. This washing machine software is the miracle solution that will extend the life of your Mac for years. This allows you to keep it longer and saves you a big investment to renew it.

As we said earlier, Intego is world famous for its antivirus. If you are looking for an effective antivirus for your Mac in addition to this cleaning tool, you can choose the formula that includes all the manufacturer’s software.

Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the most complete package that includes the Washing Machine, its antivirus, a program that automatically takes care of cloud backups and a parental control tool. All priced at 29.99 euros per year (instead of 84.99 euros today). That way, you have the best of the best on the market for your Mac.

Admittedly, this is a slightly larger investment, but if you can afford it, this Mac Premium Bundle is what we recommend. Also, to give you an idea before making a decision, Intego offers a 30-day trial period. Regarding the annual subscription, this is not subject to any commitment. This means that if you no longer need it, you can cancel within the first year. For the Washing Machine, the purchase is unique, so there is no doubt.

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