Capdenac-Gare: the Greffeuille company launches new cards

This family business, which has 50 employees and a turnover of 20 million euros, constituted a “golden selection” for Easter, thus imagining “a new communication operation that aims to strengthen ties between creators of ‘lambs and consumers’.

From exactly 1589, as far back as records go, there are Greffeuilles in Bournazel, a small village in Aveyron, located just a few steps from Rignac. But it’s been three generations that this family has cultivated a relationship of trust with the farmers in this region. Henri, the grandfather, traded animals, but also potatoes and fruit. Michel, the father, and André, the uncle, were cattle dealers and traded calves and lambs.

Since 1984, Jacques, the eldest, has taken over the reins of this family business (which today has 50 employees and a turnover of 20 M€), specializing in sheep activity. Fifteen years later, Bernard, the youngest, joined him and, together, they continued the development of the sector, becoming recognized “exceptional quality“of its selection of meats whose fame now extends beyond departmental boundaries.

The family business Greffeuille Aveyron specializes in the slaughter and distribution of sheep meat, which is essentially based on the regional tradition of raising lambs under the mother, in corrals. On the banks of the River Lot in Capdenac-Gare, he developed his own high-performance production tool, combining a recently modernized slaughter line, a cutting workshop and a kitchen laboratory. These major renovation works, to support the diversification of its activities into productions with greater added value, were carried out in 2014, with a budget of 1.6 million euros dedicated to the project.

Around 250 artisanal breeders trust him to defend and promote their production. Over time, the company came to know “build very close bonds with them“, either directly or through the structures that represent them such as Aprovia, Apiv Auvergne or even the Elvea breeders’ associations. The collection perimeter, originally in the Aveyron area and in the neighboring cantons of neighboring departments, now extends to the south of the Massif Central, from Tarn to Puy-de-Dome, passing through Tarn-et-Garonne, Cantal, Lot, Lozère and Haute-Loire.

A slogan: “Shared talents”

Grace”to the work of these creators and above all to their desire to produce the best“, Jacques Greffeuille and his daughter Alice could “build a privileged relationship with demanding butchers who are grateful for being able to have exceptional meat for their loyal customers“. on the occasion of the Easter holidays, the company based in Capdenac-Gare imagined “a new communication operation that aims to strengthen ties between breeders and consumers, in a certain period in which the lamb is invited to every table“.

Thus, “a golden selection” was made of 300 lambs with the best animals chosen from among the 3,000 sold during Easter week. “These 300 lambs strictly meet the criteria sought by the sector for the perfect satisfaction of the most knowledgeable consumers (young lambs, light meats, white and firm fat)“, rejoice Jacques and Alice Greffeuille, all smiling.

The partner points of sale, mainly artisanal butchers in Aveyron and the regions of Paris, Lyon and Provence-Côte d’Azur, were able to purchase a batch of three lambs accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. They also have a glass trophy to display in their window and collector’s items to hand out to customers. “This operation aims above all to strengthen breeders in the choice of producing an exceptional lamb but also to educate butchers and consumers with the result of this level of demand.“, insist the father and daughter.

To reward the growers, the added value generated by the sale of this high quality selection will be fully donated to them.“, continue. And to conclude: “Such a win-win partnership further strengthens the ties that unite all links in the sector, giving meaning to Greffeuille Aveyron’s slogan“. Which is nothing more than “Shared Talents”!

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