Brittany. In 2021, 1,060 entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs lost their jobs

In 2021, 1,060 women and men business leaders lost their professional activity in Brittany, a decrease of 18.7% compared to 2020. Among them, senior business leaders (often experienced) and those in the construction and trade sectors continue to be the most affected. These numbers are revealed by the association CGS and the company Altares.

State support continues to work to help companies keep their heads above water, says Anthony Streicher, president of the GSC* association. We do not face the dreaded bankruptcy tidal wave. However, business leaders will face new threats, consequences of the war in Ukraine and special care needs to be taken with the future. In 2021, there are almost 30,000 women and men entrepreneurs lost their jobs nationally and 1,060 in Brittany. For the vast majority of them, without a safety net. And it’s a real tragedy when they arrive too late to ask for help and tell us “if I only knew”! “.

Notable differences between departments

Taking into account the published figures, Brittany appears to be a contrasting region. If the majority of departments register a decrease in the number of entrepreneurs in situations of job loss, Ille-et-Vilaine alone (300 managers) accounts for a third of job losses in the region, despite a 16% drop.

299 business leaders in the department of Finistère also found themselves in a job loss situation, a decrease of 24.7%. Morbihan recorded the strongest drop in the region with a drop of 30.3%, that is, 248 business leaders in a situation of “unemployment” against 356 in 2020. Finally, although it suffered the biggest drop last year (-42.3%), the Côtes-d’Armor department is the only one to register an increase in business leaders who have lost activity. professional in 2021 (213 managers against 194 in 2020; +9.8%).

“After a historic 8% decline in 2020 GDP, French growth in 2021 recorded its best value (+7%) in over 50 years, highlights in turn Frédéric Barth, CEO of Altares. Entrepreneurship set a new record with nearly a million new businesses, while insolvencies dropped below 30,000 to their lowest level in 30 years. »

49 years: the average age of impacted business leaders

The average age of the business leaders affected in Brittany is 49 years, almost 1 year more than in 2020. The economic crisis is particularly affecting entrepreneurs for whom professional recovery will be more difficult: in the department of Finistère, the average age reaches to 51 years.

This population, called “elderly”, is generally based on a constructed personal life, with sometimes significant family and financial responsibilities. This personal context can amplify pressure and concern in the event of job loss and lead to poor decisions. “If there is no revenue in 2022 for some business leaders, the payment of deferrals of social contributions granted during the Covid-19 crisis or the beginning of repayments of PGE loans can lead to dramatic situations. Our duty is to continue to support these business leaders and invite them to anticipate these situations.“, concludes Anthony Streicher. Entrepreneurs at the head of small structures with less than 3 employees represent around 8 out of 10 jobs in the region in 2021.

Business leaders in the construction and trade sectors remain the most impacted

Entrepreneurs in the construction (220) and trade (217) sectors alone account for almost half of the job losses in the region. Real estate agents are subject to an increase of 55.2%, that is, 45 managers in the sector are unemployed in 2021 compared to 29 in 2020.

Entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector seem to have weathered the crisis in Brittany less well. 90 professionals lost their activity in 2021 (+100% compared to 2020). Farmers show the highest growth (+238.1%) and suffer from rising prices to feed livestock. In the area of ​​transport and logistics, GSC and Alatares Bien see an overall drop of 28.9%, road transport of goods suffers an increase of 40%.

The mechanisms implemented by the State allow sectors linked to accommodation, food and beverage establishments in sharp decline in 2021 with -48.9%. This decrease concerns the entire sector.

*For over 40 years, the GSC association has had the mission of informing and making business leaders aware of the risks of their situation and, more particularly, of job loss.

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