Alès: the e-commerce market gains space in stores

In Alès, online sales continue to satisfy a large part of the clientele thanks to click and collect. This sales channel is adapting to the health context and the increase in demand associated with the end-of-year celebrations.

Alesiens have not abandoned supermarkets, despite the rise of major online commerce platforms, especially as Christmas approaches. Some of them have managed to reinvent themselves through e-commerce. This relatively recent one is developing at the pace of the waves of Covid-19, sales and business operations.

Hichem Naciri, director of the Boulanger store in Alès, installed on the premises of the former Intersport, in early 2020, on the quay of Mas d’Hours, at the beginning of the epidemic. It could have been fatal to his business. On the contrary, “e-commerce has exploded since the periods of confinement, he comments. Since Covid, the French are turning to home appliances and it’s 100% our sector.”

“25% of orders placed online”

A few steps from the ring road, Fnac opened its doors in May 2020. The same is true of this brand, which had no difficulties in establishing itself. “According to our studies, we are considered the ideal complement to Nîmes “, explains Emilio Martinez, director of Fnac d’Alès. His asset: e-commerce, again. Hichem Naciri comments: “25% of sales are made online and then collected locally, thanks to the click-and-collect principle.”

Boulanger adapted to this new demand. The store has installed a car park in its parking lot where the customer can collect their order remotely. This allows those in a hurry to save time and the most vulnerable to stay safe in their vehicle. Fnac also developed the click and collection upstream of epidemic waves. she passes “very well” in this stormy context.

Customers place orders online, over the phone. They can come within an hour to pick up your products. A special box delivers the orders. The circuit avoids putting customers in contact in case of heavy traffic or unfavorable health conditions.

Despite the click and pick, supermarkets try to maintain human contact with their customers. This frustrates competition from major online ordering platforms, which only provide an overview of products before ordering. After-sales service is also different. “We can provide technical details. Customers discover products. They can assert their choice, highlights, at Fnac, Emilio Martinez. In store, we can also show you how our click and collect service works.

Thanks to distance selling, customers can consult the shares at will, from their sofa. This avoids unnecessary travel, especially for those coming from Lozère or Ardèche. At the same time, Alesian salespeople use all communication channels to advise customers (chat, phone calls, etc.).

In 2020, Christmas shopping was a hit. Sales were concentrated in a single vacancy, in December, following the lack of definition”, explains Hichem Naciri. This year, he expects to experience a calmer month of December than in 2020. Supermarkets sold in two stages: in November, the Black Friday and “Internet Day” absorbed part of the sales before Christmas shopping. Fnac is also experiencing a “true success” This year. she thinks it is “Chief of Deliveries, with Decathlon” during Christmas.

“It’s Good for the Mind”

Has the book been so successful over the years?

We sell everything, children’s books, cooking, all genres, all sizes! The charm of the book is there. We can offer a book navigating to mannequins for boat lovers, a comic book… There are books on all subjects and that’s what’s fascinating, that’s what gives the book its strength.

Is there a new clientele this year?

It is as varied as the works and, fortunately, because this variety offers an opening to any wind. We are used to diversity, from CAP students looking for a mechanics book, to gifts.

For your eyes, what are the benefits of reading?

The book can be used in transport, totally disconnected from all technologies. It is good for working mental faculties and concentration, relaxation. It is a source of knowledge. Some political essayists convey mature thinking, peer-reviewed knowledge.

If tomorrow I write about Plato, all Plato’s authors will pay attention to the output. If the quality isn’t there, commercial “sanctions” can be immediate in store. The books treat violence through vocabulary. It often happens when you don’t know how to talk to each other.

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