Friday, the association turned startup facilitating corporate CSR

Friday, a startup that offers a platform to raise awareness and involve employees, has just raised 4.4 million euros to increase its activity. Born as an association, it turned in 2018 to adopt an entrepreneurial model.

Change the world without changing jobs. This is the promise of Friday, a start-up that offers companies and their employees the opportunity to get involved in associative projects. When it was created in 2015, Friday was an association. Three years later, it becomes an impact company, with social and environmental objectives. In March 2022, the startup raises 4.4 million euros to become a reference in France. “We want to make CSR simpler. Today it is unreadable for employees, who are very little involved, while it is a great performance lever for companies.“, explains Félix de Monts, co-founder of Friday.

The 2020 edition of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perception barometer, published by Medef, confirms the importance of the latter. 83% of employees of companies with a CSR function or department consider that their company has “a positive impact” on society. In these companies, so many employees also indicate that they “like to work”.

From association to impact business

We must stop pitting the business world against the world of general interest.“, insists Félix de Monts. A student at Sciences Po, he is already interested in matters of general interest, “but I had to choose between working in the administration, which I found too rigid, or in a big company, in search of profits“. Unconvinced, he took advantage of his studies to go to Cameroon, to Yaoundé, within an association that allows young people to get involved while they get an internship in a company. That’s where the first Friday drafts are born.”I found this idea of ​​a shared internship between an association and a company very interesting. That’s why we decided to reproduce it in France.“The association convinces large companies like L’Oréal, Danone or Air Liquide, which offer the possibility for some employees to get involved.”So we started offering it to employees who are retiring soon, or between missions.“.

Friday receives more and more requests from companies that want to democratize, to all their employees, the connection with the associations. Friday is self-financing and Félix du Monts is turning to the social and solidarity entrepreneurship that is developing in France. To increase its development, the founder and his partner Julian Guérin are developing a Saas platform to automate connections. “With this platform, we realized that our model is scalable, selling companies, through a subscription logic, access to our platform“. In 2018, the association became a startup. Two years later, Covid-19 reached the entire world. To meet the demand for commitment, which was very strong in this episode of health crisis, the company entered into a partnership with two ministries to create the “All Confined, All Engaged” platform. Thanks to its experience, Friday allows companies to make their non-working employees available to associations.”Our platform has been acclaimed by over 200 companies” and more than 35,000 employees have already been mobilized. The Friday platform allows employees to easily commit to their professional or personal time, depending on their availability and in connection with their manager and their HR space.

4.4 million euros to raise awareness and support companies

Labeled B-Corp and in the process of becoming a solidary public utility (ESUS), Friday demonstrated the profitability of its model. Since 2020, the startup wants to go further with its platform, offering companies awareness programs for associative causes, but also supporting them in the development of their CSR policy through action plans. “To help companies and their employees get involved, you need to show them how to contribute to change.. “Ultimately, the objective is to offer its clients best practices to be established internally, a catalog of solutions on each theme such as gender equality or decarbonization and ESG reports of their actions.

Inserted in a growing and increasingly competitive market, the startup decided to advance to the next phase, raising 4.4 million euros to increase its activity. “This fundraising allows us to develop CSR action plans for companies, invest in a marketing strategy to reach even more companies and start an international strategy.“, specifies Félix de Monts. In two years, the startup expects to grow from approximately 200 to 1,500 client companies and more than 100,000 committed employees.

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