Companies. At La Ferté-Bernard Cosme Literature creates 100% ecological French mattresses

Baptiste Derez and Alexandre Tepper are the co-founders of the Cosme mattress production workshop, based in La Ferté-Bernard in Nord Sarthe. ©Carine ROBINAULT

Cosme bedding was created in 2014. But it is only in july 2021 that the norman company cosmic bedding installed its first machines, its production workshop in short, in the old buildings of the FCI, rue Robert-Surmont, in La Ferte-Bernard (Sarthe), formerly still storage warehouses in Souriau.

This 2000m bed workshoptwo baptized NLPis home to the brand’s two “fairy fingers” seamstresses, Coralie and Chantal, and their manager, Jean.

Baptiste and Alexandre, two businessmen

The french mattress manufacturerand customwho chose 100% ecological materials for her, it is first and foremost the story of two men, two friends, two in their thirties: Batista Derezand Alexandre Tepper. They are the ones the authorities widely acclaimed, during the inauguration of their company, Tuesday, May 3, 2022 morning.

The Nantais and Parisians were hailed for their sense of “entrepreneurship”. And the two friends, who have already walked through the banks of the same business school, already have development desires.

If Baptiste is full of ideas, Alexandre is there to temper, guarantees all smiles, behind his glasses. However, the projects are there. after launch three stores for Lyon, nantesand Parisfor their mattresses, the two men plan to occupy their new premises more widely…

a family story

Baptiste and Alexandre founded Cosme in 2014. But the story of these two young talents began 50 years earlier, in Normandy…
Baptiste is in fact the 3rd generation of familiar know-how in the use of natural fibers in the world of bedding.
The team at the NLP workshop in La Ferté-Bernard is made up of employees who were his father’s and whom the company, endowed with a humane philosophy, hired on its own.

A bedding workshop in progress

“We have one floor, free. We would like to explore it”, says Alexandre. Clearly, if today Cosme works with partners for her accessories, the two friends would like to produce their own bedding.

When we have enough production, we would like to set up a sewing workshop for linen bedding and cotton fabric. This would allow us to develop new ranges, and even ephemeral ranges.

Alexandre Tepper, Cosme bedding co-manager, at La Ferté-Bernard
At Cosme Literatura, it takes about an hour to make a standard mattress, which weighs from 60 to 70 kilos.
At Cosme Literatura, it takes about an hour to make a standard mattress, which weighs from 60 to 70 kilos. ©Carine ROBINAULT

A venture that will not be synonymous with hiring in abundance. “We would like to have five people on the site again at the beginning of 2023. The activity has stagnated a little in the last few months when it was in a very big expansion”, recognizes the co-founder. “If possible, in the process, we would like to have a team of six or seven people, with this new workshop. »

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A French clientele, mainly

But the duo is the type to spare their mount. Slow but sure. This is your creed. “Our clientele is mainly French. We sell a little in Switzerland and Belgium. »

Particulars, in particular. “We sold high quality mattresswhose price varies between €1100 and €1300, and €200 for a baby mattress. Our mattresses are made to measure and tailored to the needs of sleepers,” explains Baptiste. who presses 100% natural and customizable mattresses and bedding.

In made a france which could also have broader appeal… “We do some houses and guest houses. And we would like to work with interior designers. »

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