advantages of digital HR solutions

With technological advances, today there are several digital HR solutions that make life in business much easier. Thus, it became possible to equip oneself with an absence management software. This computer program allows you to automate the planning of absence periods for your organization’s staff members.

This solution improves employee productivity while optimizing time. Focus on the advantages of digital HR tools dedicated to absence management.

Why Get HR Absence Management Software?

We all know that managing vacations and absences can sometimes be a headache. By opting for a dematerialized method, the human resources department makes a very considerable leap. Discover in this section the reasons why the absence management tool is so popular in companies.

Save time daily

In business, managing HR administrative tasks is estimated to take up to 700 hours per year. Among these tasks, employee leave management occupies the largest part. So, when you implement dedicated HR software for time management in your company, you no longer have to go back and forth to approve the license.

Now you can say goodbye to email and the sticky notes that are quickly lost. The same goes for license application forms to be signed on paper, which is sometimes difficult to decipher. HR software offers the ability to complete all license requests, validations and updates online in seconds. This app saves employers and employees considerable time and streamlines their HR talent management.

Allows a real-time view of schedules

As a business manager or HR manager, there is nothing more enjoyable than having your employees’ absences and vacations with ease. In fact, absence management software allows you to view the absence schedule in real time. It takes into account all types of absences, namely RTT, sick leave, maternity leave, etc., promotes efficient management.

This allows you to plan ahead for possible staff shortages. Thanks to the calendar available online, it is possible to check the attendance of each employee. This software will therefore be of great use to you.

Benefit from better team coordination

In the past, the holiday wall calendar on which absences and holidays were reported was generally created from confusion within the teams. With the emergence of digital HR solutions, every employee now has the opportunity to see if their colleague has already taken leave. This also allows him to avoid making a request on the same dates as his colleague.

HR software also provides leave the story of each employee. Managers will thus be able to fair distribution time off within the team.

Make balance calculations easy

To calculate balances, there are many notions that come into play and complicate the task:

  • vacation rights;
  • holidays;
  • part-time schemes;
  • compensatory rest;
  • holiday postponements;
  • split days;
  • etc

The HR absence management software automates these calculations thanks to specific features.

Get accurate payroll

Use HR software to calculate balances paid leave, RTT, sick leave guarantees reliability in the data communicated to the payroll service. Use of the software promotes a better interaction with the accounting department. In fact, since everything is digitized, the risks of miscalculation or input errors are reduced, if not eliminated, which improves employee satisfaction. Management is structured and monitoring takes place over a period of time.

How does HR absence management software work?

HR software allows each employee to to inform like this your demands absence at the base. Automatically, the information goes back to the HRD/manager who takes care validate or not each order. To decide, he will take into account judicial activity during this period and available resources to ensure business continuity.

Every employee has a clear calendar of their working hours and holidays. It is also possible to automatically calculate the number of restaurant tickets to order according to the holiday schedule established with the schedule management tool.

Finally, leave planning data can be exported to other digital HR monitoring modules.

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