Successful live shopping in 6 steps

Notoriety, sales, data… The advantages of live shopping can be numerous, as long as you know how to put them into practice. Explanations.

If the French market expects live buying operations to be multiplied by 4 this year, it is because it is working. “Conversion rates from live purchases to live experience and replay are greater than 15 or even 20% (versus 2% on average on e-commerce sites, editor’s note)“, says Benoît Cizeron, vice president of live commerce at iAdvize, a conversation platform that offers the Aploze live shopping solution, serving brands and retailers such as Orange, Samsung, Canal+, Magimix or Boulanger. and fundamentals are respected.

Step 1 : Understand the format and use it for the right purposes

Live shopping is an online commercial animation format whose main objective is to generate business impact. It allows you to launch a product, a novelty or a commercial offer that you want to highlight strongly. “It’s an immersive and interactive experience that awakens the desire to buy. In addition, as presenters respond to consumer questions, this format makes it possible to remove potential obstacles to optimizing sales,” explains Benoît Cizeron. It will be understood: Notoriety or commitment bets are not enough to start with, even though live shopping can contribute to this.

step 2 : Choosing the right product to promote

The key to the success of live shopping is in the choice of product. “Live shopping is a great tool to drive sales and data collection if the experience is aligned with the right price and the right product,” specifies Benoît Cizeron. In other words, a live buy operation will not be of much use if the product has been on the shelf for six months, there is nothing new in it, or the price is not promotional or attractive.

step 3 : Think about the location of your operation according to your needs, strategy, goals and possibilities

The live purchase can be made either on the brand’s website, when it lends itself to it, or at the retailer, its distributor partner, or even in a media brand, which is increasingly offering it. The brand’s retailer, distribution partner or publisher offers the brand the power of their audiences, so many sources of new affinity prospects.

“The opt-in rate averages 45% during the live, which is huge”

The choice of management is decisive: “You have to ask yourself the right questions before implementing your live. Who am I going to talk to? It’s decisive to choose the right crossroads of audiences”, remembers Hélène Rautureau, communication and marketing development manager at SRP Media, the management of

For brands that follow a direct-to-consumer development strategy, offering live shopping on their own website has many advantages: in addition to selling, offering immersive meetings to their customers to engage them and attract new customers, the brand collects a lot of data thanks to opt-in registrations (when the internet user checks the box according to which he accepts that his data be shared with the brand’s partners). “The opt-in rate averages 45% during the live, which is huge”, specifies Benoît Cizeron. That is why, in practice, many brands increasingly tend to mix the two models, offering meetings alternately throughout the year with their partners and on their own website.

step 4 : Plan a good activation plan before, during and after the live

Live buying is a specific commitment. You have to be able to engage as many people as possible at any given time. A media communication plan to publicize the event and explain how it works, especially on social networks or direct marketing (email, newsletters) to your priority audiences, is essential. “Ideally it is advisable to plan a media purchase budget of at least 15,000 euros concentrated in the five days leading up to the event”, advises Benoît Cizeron. The additional upstream time can be used to initiate communication with your own customer bases.

“Ideally it is advisable to plan a media purchase budget of at least 15,000 euros focused on the five days leading up to the event”

Retailers and partner agencies also offer activation devices. “Each player will have their own added value of media coverage according to their ecosystem. This must also be considered when choosing partner management”, specifies Hélène Rautureau.

It is also advisable to provide a small SMS or email reminder to registrants on D-Day or even a few minutes before the trade to maximize participation. Finally, highlighting the replay, on the first page of the site or directly on the product sheet, is essential: “The replay of the live allows you to double sales”, says Benoît Cizeron.

Step 5 : Prepare well for the experience

The selection of people who will animate the live, as well as the arguments they will use to highlight the product, cannot be improvised. It will be directly related to the specifics of your product, your audience and your goals. We can, therefore, call an expert, an influencer with a great appetite for the product, a TV presenter, etc. “There should always be two people to create the rhythm,” advises Benoît Cizeron.

“Always plan two people to create rhythm”

Working well with your arguments and your knowledge of the product makes the experience authentic, fluid and credible: let’s not forget that you have to be able to answer all questions live. Important detail: “The more you interact with viewers, the more conversions you will have”, he adds. According to our expert, exposure rates for live purchases are over 7 minutes, “which is huge compared to a traditional advertising format”. Hélène Rautureau goes even further: “If the content is done well, we can see completion rates of over 60%, which means that in a 40-minute live stream, the Internet user was captive for 20 minutes, which is a big success .”

Lives should not be longer than 30 to 40 minutes and should be scheduled for times when the public is more available and willing to buy. “You just need to study your analytics to prioritize the times of the week or day when there are the most conversions. Note that, in general, the best lives are on Sundays.”

Step 6 : Surrounding yourself with expert actors can make things easier…

Live shopping technology platforms (iAdvize,, Spockee/Skeepers, Bambuser, etc.) provide brands, agencies and retailers with advice, support and turnkey solutions for device deployment, from registration and reminders to streaming video to the vivo with integrated shopping cart and performance measurement. “A live purchase cannot be created: we must have technological players that guarantee the viability of a fluid and integrated experience”, explains Hélène Rautureau. Without forgetting the contribution of studios specialized in the production and design of lives (Livewan, Dimoba, Bellepoque, etc.) that support the choice of presenters, staging, script, editorial and social expertise. IAB France and MMA France list all these players within a map dedicated to the main solutions operating in this market in France.

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