Klaxoon seduces Crédit Agricole branches and dreams of an international future

Klaxoon, nugget of the FT120 (government label for hyper-growing startups), is attracting a growing number of companies with its solutions to streamline meetings and promote business collaboration. The start-up founded in 2014 is based in Cesson-Sévigné, a town near Rennes (Brittany). Visiting the company’s premises on May 3, 2022, L’Usine Digitale was able to take stock of Klaxoon’s ambitions. The fact that Young Shoot is not established in Paris does not prevent it from dreaming of internationalization. It has also just opened new facilities in Boston, in the United States, after those in Singapore.

“At the end of globalization, there is the territory”, says Jean-Paul Mazoyer, deputy managing director of Crédit Agricole, who is convinced that the fact that Klaxoon was born in Brittany is a success factor. Territorial anchorage shared by Crédit Agricole, which is organized into regional banks, a large part of which was seduced by Klaxoon. “It is not because there is a strong regional identity that the company does not think about globalization”, he adds. A few steps from here, Clara Chappaz, the new director of French Tech Mission, also gave an update on French Tech Rennes/Saint-Malo start-ups and their ambitions at the premises of neo-insurer Leocare.

From revitalizing meetings to strengthening the collective

With the Covid-19 crisis, the reduction or even the cessation of business travel and the generalization of teleworking, Klaxoon turned around. In addition to energizing meetings, the start-up wants its business collaboration tools to enable asynchronous work, promote speech, file tracking and information sharing. “The notion of discussion has been at the heart of Klaxoon’s solutions since the beginning”slips CEO and founder Mathieu Beucher, who notes that it has become a hot topic today.

Another key point is how to encourage participation and bring out collaborative practice. A need that jumped to the eye with telecommuting. “To engage employees, it’s important that they can understand the effects of their daily actions”says Mathieu Beucher. “Well-being at work is not having foosball tables and comfortable armchairsadds the CEO of Klaxoon who, however, installed a table tennis table and table football in his cafeteria. It’s knowing that we’re making progress on projects, that we can participate in discussions and contribute to the company’s success.” Klaxoon wants to create a good environment with its tools that aim to create a collective and involve all employees in the projects.

Rapid launch of new products

First, the Council was born. This new interface, which incorporates a video conferencing tool, can also interact with Zoom, Teams, Meet and Webex. Klaxoon wants to make the Board the reference tool for business collaboration. More recently, Engage Edition, the new edition of its Workshop Platform, was released. “One hundred new features have been added to encourage team engagement”summarizes Lauriane Carayon, director of clients.

The goal remains the same: to promote collaboration with easy-to-use tools. To this end, nugget does not hesitate to fully support its customers in the use of the solutions. Horn “it takes time to support customers long term in their transformation”, Explain Matheus Beucher. it evokes “a marriage between human support and technological tools.”

The dynamism that Klaxoon seeks to instill in its customers is reflected in the colors (pink, yellow, green) of its interfaces, as well as in the walls and furniture of its headquarters. The organization of its facilities also aims to promote sharing. The three floors are articulated around common rooms, called Agora (with the exception of a floor that houses the cafeteria and the ‘Scene’, a place designed for all employees to meet), and small open spaces that welcome the various teams.

At Crédit Agricole, word of mouth

These facilities accommodate more than 200 employees, out of a total of more than 300 employees, who travel two to three days a week, depending on the teams. The screens that display the Workshop Platform solution are accessible in each space. Quite logically, the employees themselves use the solutions they develop. But how did Crédit Agricole come to make extensive use of the collaboration solutions offered by Klaxoon?

The solution was deployed team to team, then region to region before rolling out across France. “What’s true for Klaxoon is true for business innovations”, comments Jean-Paul Mazoyer. At Crédit Agricole, innovations can come from one regional bank before being rolled out across the group, as was the case with the launch of the insurance or real estate division.Crédit Agricole has a network of 39 independent regional banks. Today, 37 regional mutuals use Klaxoon tools.

From 10 to 90% share

The relationship with Klaxoon began in Brittany. A first agency established the ritual of a 5 to 15 minute daily workshop. “Every morning, teams feed the ‘dashboard’ with problems found, new ideas, results and performances”, explains Lauriane Carayon. The absentees can easily pick up the information they missed. Furthermore, “Workshop breaks this stereotype of the meeting led by a manager”She adds.

Functions like “Question” can increase participation and get quick feedback in the event of a new offer being launched, for example. “Crédit Agricole notes more than 90% of commitment in the daily Workshop, against 10% of participation in the traditional meetings held previously”, says Lauriane Carayon. One of the strengths of the solution is its ability to easily manage the “annoys”, the pain points in the customer experience in banking jargon. These are reported more quickly by teams and resolved. “One year after the first wave of agencies started using this product, 95% of teams said they didn’t want to go back”.

Towards an IPO?

As for the future of the start-up, the Breton nugget and its teams dressed in a pink jersey aim to conquer the world. At the moment, Klaxoon seems to be adapting quickly to the American market, where Mathieu Beucher has established himself and has already won several important accounts, such as Microsoft. To continue its development, Klaxoon intends to recruit to reach 500 employees in 18 months.

The rest could go through a new fundraiser. Unlike other start-ups, Klaxoon is not used to raising a lot of funds, as it has been selling its solutions for a long time and funding much of its R&D. Its first €5 million fundraiser took place two years after its inception and was followed by a $50 million fundraiser in 2018. Eventually, the founder will undoubtedly prefer an IPO to a rescue that looks less on the market. your DNA.

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