Here are 10 better deals than Black Friday

In just a few days, French merchants sublimated us with extremely high quality offers for French Days. On Friday night, again, they renew the good deals with additional reductions. If you want to save money, we’ve made a small selection of all the best sellers of the moment. At any time, they may be out of stock.

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As you can see in our real-time guide above, the big brands have elbowed their way through the gate to entice millions of French people to these French days. Cdiscount, Fnac, Boulanger, AliExpress or Amazon have gone to great lengths to help reduce your expenses. While inflation is still higher, it’s important to save money.

On the internet, the most popular product categories are high-tech and home appliances. Unsurprisingly, the French Days highlight these two themes very clearly. They are also the ones we have favored in our selection. That said, there are tens of thousands of offers on every merchant website and in every category.

If you have some time this Friday or this weekend, we invite you to take a quick tour of each of France’s great electronics retailers. For the French Days, they want to show their prettiest face. This operation, which aims to compete with Black Friday, presents quite surprising prices on recent and very fashionable products.

How to choose your business well?

On each of the trading platforms, there are thousands of offers presented since Wednesday morning. So it’s hard not to be tempted. Therefore, we advise you to be as direct as possible and only consult French Days special offers that concern you. Savings can be substantial even if traders are not legally allowed to sell at a loss.

In fact, they are entitled to resort to this strategy only during sales and under conditions. That said, they are entitled during French Days to cut their margin as much as possible to offer even lower prices. On recent products and big brands, you can save up to around 30%. This can already represent hundreds of euros in savings for you.

Since the start of the French Days, Cdiscount and its counterparts have had to deal with numerous out-of-stocks. So you have to hurry this Friday night (and all weekend) so you don’t give yourself too much time. In the worst case, you still have a legal withdrawal period of 14 days (minimum) to return the product for a full refund.

If French Days were originally invented to be a French-French alternative to Black Friday, French merchants were quickly joined by other e-commerce players. Amazon and AliExpress, which are among the top 5 merchants in France, do not leave their rivals alone with this opportunity. They also make discounts during this period, it’s worth it.

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Have the French Days therefore reached Black Friday quality? About the number of references available at a reduced price, no. On the other hand, in terms of the quality of the offers (in some very popular references), yes. Cdiscount, Fnac or Boulanger have compressed prices as much as possible on brands like Apple, Xiaomi, LG, Dyson or Samsung and this is very much appreciated. Enthusiasm is at its peak.

The 3 Best Sellers of the French Days

Are you looking for only the best deals these French days? We’ve listed all of the products above that we believe are among the most aggressive in price (and popularity). That said, if we had to give you a Top 3 of our bestsellers, here are the ones we would have picked: the Dyson V10 cordless vacuum, the Bose Qc35 II headphones, and third, the discount offered by NordVPN.

Cdiscount has been one of the main drivers of French Days’ success since its launch a few years ago. Prove it again for this edition with very aggressive pricing across all product categories. In home appliances, sublimate us with a discount offer on the excellent Dyson V10 Motorhead. This cordless, bagless vacuum cleaner model is a big hit. The premium British brand almost never offers live discounts, Cdiscount is like a UFO. The product goes to 379 euros instead of 469 euros, a very good savings.

To continue on the good deals of French Days on Cdiscount, there’s Bose’s famous Bluetooth headphones, the QC35 II, which is at a crazy price. It drops to 189 euros (instead of 379 euros at launch and around 250 euros currently), which represents excellent savings. In terms of value for money, this helmet is crazy. No other model does it better.

Finally, we can’t end this trio of good deals without mentioning cybersecurity publisher NordVPN’s special French Days discount. The latter offers a VPN at an ultra affordable price, almost 3 times cheaper than its main competitors. For just 2.77 euros a month (instead of 10.59 euros anyway) you get a VPN and an antivirus. As a bonus, it also offers the first month.

Cdiscount dominates the French Days

If Amazon has managed to make Black Friday an unmissable event at home, Cdiscount is the real driving force behind these French Days. The Bordeaux merchant, who is also the second e-merchant in France behind his big American rival, really delights us with offers in all product categories. It’s a great opportunity to optimize your budget before summer.

Clearly, the quality of the offers for these French days clearly exceeds that of the sales. They will be held in late June but have lost popularity over the years. The mediocre quality of the offers for this event does a disservice, the French are starting to move away to privilege highlights such as Prime Day, Singles Day, Black Friday or even the French Days.

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