Fruits: Boyer SAS advances “against winds and frosts”

It’s been two years since they met, except on one of those numerous video conferences that, for players in the fruit sector, has often been the only way to discuss during the Covid period. On Thursday evening, in Moissac, Joël Boyer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SAS Boyer, did not hide the pleasure of welcoming the family of producers again to, just to make up for lost time, take stock of the 2020 campaigns and 2021 and plan for the 2022 season. A pleasure shared by his brother Jean-Marc, commercial director, who presented the new packaging of the “Philibon” melon trays and by his father Claude, founder in 1957 of this magnificent company that has become a reference , in France and abroad.
Leader in the melon market, quality reference for plums, in particular the real Reine-Claude, Boyer SAS stood out, including in the tropical fruit market, of which the Moissaga company is today one of the main French operators.
First in Quercy, then far from Tarn-et-Garonne and as far as the Caribbean where Claude had the brilliant intuition of establishing the cultivation of Charentais melons, thus creating an off-season offer, the Boyer family knew how to seal “a pact of trust” with the producers. “Our destinies are linked, they produce their best results and we must make the most of them”, recalled Joël on Thursday night.

It is still the plum that has suffered the most damage. Let’s not forget the grape that was impacted again this year. Later species, like kiwi and apple, we hope will do better.

Valuation, namely in the price paid to the producer and in the promotion of the product, all the more important when the profession has to go through “multiple dangers”, as has been the case since 2020. “Bad weather is the most frequent of our deficiencies”, recognizes Joël Boyer The two successive episodes of frost were at the center of discussions, Thursday night in Moissac, but Joël Boyer cited seven times (to avoid fate?) the excessive rains of July and September that altered the quality of certain varieties of plums. and also interrupted the harvesting and consumption of melon, with a spoiled end of season.
About the last episode of frost, Joël Boyer confirms that “it was still the plum that suffered the most damage. Let’s not forget the grape that was impacted again this year. Later species, like kiwi and apple, we hope will do better.”

It will certainly be up to the next prime minister to supplement the emergency aid of 20 million euros that Jean Castex came to announce on April 5 in Cazes-Mondenard.

To overcome “this new obstacle, we will need a united profession and everyone’s help”. The CEO of Boyer SAS wants “the State, in particular, to make a very strong commitment”. Referring to the first emergency measures (20 million euros) that Jean Castex announced on April 5 in Cazes-Mondenard, Joël Boyer thinks that “it will certainly be up to the next prime minister to complete them; the expertise undertaken will correct our losses and our expectations of discussing them with him”.

Joël Boyer: “Let’s overcome obstacles together to defend and improve our production of high quality fruit.”

Welcoming the presence of Member of Parliament Sylvia Pinel, Vice President of the Occitania Region Marie Castro, President of the Departmental Council Michel Weill and Senator Pierre-Antoine Lévi, Joël Boyer said he was sure that “the elected will fight with overcome the difficulties that affect our entire sector”. He remains optimistic for the Moissac fruit division, “strong in its strengths and in its quality productions”.

And to conclude: “Together, against winds and frosts, we will get through 2022”. The final word goes to Claude Boyer, much applauded: “More than ever, it is together that we can face, evolve and move forward”.

The numbers to remember

Total tonnage marketed by Boyer SAS. 30,826 tons in 2020 (including 23,627 t of melon, 3,371 t of plums, 2,227 t of tropical products, 1,428 t of grapes); 29,805 tons in 2021 (including 23,566 t of melon, 2,550 t of plums, 2,140 t of tropical products, 1,222 t of grapes). The Boyer group (associated in particular with La Pinède) sold more than 35,000 tonnes of fruit in 2021.
Tonnages sold in Moissac. In 2020, the Boyer de Moissac station sold 19,657 tonnes (including 15,001 melons, 3,371 plums, 1,261 grapes and 24 cherries). In 2021, due to crop losses due to frost in April and excessive rainfall in July, the station sold 17,760 t (14,170 melons, 2,527 plums, 1,052 grapes and 11 cherries).

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