Economy. In La Ferté-Bernard, the company Securlite is developing and recruiting

Securlite invested €400,000 in this new machine thanks to the €150,000 help from the recovery plan. ©Securlite

Double-digit growth. 15% exactly. The announcement is made by Stéphane Aubry, managing director of Securlite, the lighting manufacturer installed in La Ferte-Bernard (Sarthe)and which stands as leader in lighting and in particular for collective housing, thanks to the public housing offices (OPH).

Such growth that the site hires a dozen people (read elsewhere). And it continues to increase its turnover; was 15 million euros in 2021.

“We are also developing lighting in transport, whether in stations, subways or more locally, in the pedestrian tunnel under the tracks, at Le Mans station. On the export side, we have our historic Nordic markets, in Sweden, Norway and Finland, but we are getting closer to the Benelux, with jobs to fill”, explains Stéphane Aubry.

With Roger Pradier, our sister company that also belongs to the Rivalen group, we are recruiting. She is quite placed in the portholes. We in the decor. It is in this capacity that we are looking for a development manager in Belgium.

Stéphane Aubry, General Manager of Securlite in La Ferté-Bernard

Electronic design and production takes place on-site at La Ferté-Bernard. And not only with the 70 employees of the structure. “We work with about ten employees of theesat (Editor’s note, company and help service through work) by La Ferté. “A great pride for the director who assures him:” Officially, they are subcontractors, but they are full members of the team. »

So much so that Securlite, which has just become a “mission company”, has decided to work twice as hard to maintain this partnership. “Company with a mission, has a reason for being. We want to establish our development and the performance of our company, being aware of our footprint on the environment. In concrete terms, Stéphane Aubry and his teams continue to reduce their carbon footprint to create eco-designed, repairable and recyclable products. “Our products are all OFG, that is, guaranteed French origin. »

Concretely, in its statutes, Securlite will present its commitments and an independent third party organization will be responsible for verifying that they are being fulfilled.

We have four goals, how to build and lead a group of local industries that share and unite their progress, bringing our values, which include boldness and team spirit, to life in all our industrial practices. But also controlling and optimizing our impact and anchoring the circular economy at the heart of our activities.

Stéphane Aubry, General Manager of Securlite in La Ferté-Bernard

Who admits that “many of these good practices are already in place with us”.

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And to “elevate the everyday objects industry through our human and environmental values”, the soon-to-turn forty-something wants to develop his connections with Esat. After an on-site visit to Tristan de Witteleader of the Rivalen group, accompanied by Isabelle Follenfant, mission and impact manager, to strengthen the relationship between Fertois employees and users of theesatStéphane Aubry decided to go even further in including people with disabilities in the Ajeux area site.

During our day off in July, Esat will host a booth to raise awareness of disability in the workplace. At the end of the year, we will participate in “DuoDay” for a day, in pairs, to discover each other’s work. And at the beginning of the school year, we will offer users a skills acquisition program. It is an acknowledgment of the experience gained. They will thus receive a diploma, in partnership with the Ministry of National Education.

Stéphane Aubry, General Manager of Securlite in La Ferté-Bernard

The kindness. This is another one of the values ​​that Securlite defends. A value that society would like to pass on. “We are too few in Sarthe to summon disabled workers. We would like to be ambassadors for other companies. Get them to show them that this work outside the walls is easy and, above all, an asset to the company. »

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