360° solutions for your projects in critical environments

The pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agri-food or microelectronic industries have in common the production in a controlled atmosphere to avoid biological or particulate contamination.

SYNEXIN supports companies in their projects in critical environments. A comprehensive approach that integrates operating equipment, cleanroom layouts, supply and maintenance of production line equipment, and qualification of controlled environments. SYNEXIN is positioned as a single point of contact for all business needs: a welcome simplification in an increasingly restrictive regulatory context. Meeting with Guillaume Genty, Strategy and Development Manager at SYNEXIN.

What is a clean and sterile environment?

A clean and sterile environment involves controlling biological and particulate contamination that can come from operators working on site, from the equipment used or from the air environment.

The characteristics of this environment must not only be able to be observed at a given moment, but also be maintained over time, without variation or degradation, regardless of the age of the machines or their conditions of use.

Some productions therefore require the preservation of their machines and products from any biological contamination. This is, of course, the case in the cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry. This involves, for example, ensuring a conditioning perfectly sterile, the production of pure or ultra-pure fluid, lyophilization, filling a vial of vaccine or even cream and many other operations. Particulate contamination is related to dust that can impair the performance of goods produced during their manufacturing cycle or life cycle.

To meet these production conditions, a series of decisions must be coordinated in the layout of the facilities, the production line, in the creation of aerial systems or in the equipment of the operators.

How does SYNEXIN deploy this wide range of expertise to its customers?

SYNEXIN offers a 360° service being the single point of contact for companies in all the characteristic needs of clean and sterile environments.

SYNEXIN is the synergy of complementary knowledge.

First, an accurate audit is performed to determine the constraints of the customer’s environment and the supply of the necessary components and equipment to achieve its objective.

SYNEXIN also ensures the qualification and validation of aeraulic environments through the measurement of the particulate load, the analysis of the inlet and outlet flows, and other verifications that will make it possible to verify compliance with the standards applied to the studied environment.

Process engineering determines, according to customer needs, the machines needed and the organization of the production chain. SYNEXIN works with various manufacturers and offers a bespoke solution perfectly adapted to established specifications. It accompanies them throughout the life cycle of the machines. Maintenance contracts are co-constructed with the customer according to the maturity of the equipment and the availability of the teams that can carry out certain operations for which we will have trained them. The objective is to guarantee the quality of production by keeping the machines in the validated state.

SYNEXIN advises, supplies and installs ergonomic, stable and durable furniture for controlled environments. Our bespoke cleanroom furniture solutions are designed and manufactured in France.

Finally, consumables, ie personal equipment, equipment and cleaning solutions, must be adapted to the classification of the areas concerned. SYNEXIN is able to offer customized solutions.

Each of these areas of expertise is carried out by a dedicated entity: STERIGENE for the engineering of clean and sterile processes and supply of consumables for clean rooms, STAURATEC for the qualification of critical environments and DUTREVE for the integration and manufacture of furniture. measure for clean rooms.

What advantages for your customers?

SYNEXIN is an agile, reactive company, focused on the needs of its customers and that knew how to evolve with them. The historic company, STERIGENE, has gradually joined others to meet the needs expressed by our customers.

It thus added the STAURATEC entity, which guarantees the verification of environments and the qualification of clean rooms by counting particles or verification of pressure cascades with overpressures and depressions to guarantee the airtightness of the environments.

For special confinements, STAURATEC develops a range of specific products such as fire dampers or insulation dampers. The objective is to ensure strict containment of nuclear, bacteriological or biological activities.

Finally, to meet the demand of our customers, we acquired the DUTREVE carpentry company to guarantee the production of furniture for clean rooms.

For example, the development of our mirage table, in response to a specific need identified in our sectors of activity. It is currently exported all over Europe. These tables guarantee controlled lighting, different backgrounds, activity times for each control, in an ergonomically designed environment.

In addition to a brand, it is the entire company culture that is changing.

Customer objective?

With more than 30 years of experience and a strong reputation, the group was ready to develop its value proposition by focusing its development on the synergy of its competencies. It is the sense of highlighting the SYNEXIN brand that unites them.

However, each entity intervenes and always acts on its own behalf, instantly becoming able to offer a 360° service with adjusted and qualified advice. It is, therefore, about disseminating specialized knowledge in all units of the group.

This increase in power is accompanied by an in-depth and dynamic training plan for the various units of all the group’s businesses. Seminars are organized to train teams and facilitate the exchange of knowledge in the spirit of a “learning company”. The other advantage of this movement is the appreciation of skills and professions within and outside the group. We observed a real dynamism in the desire of employees to become more autonomous. The impact on team cohesion and mobilization is very strong.

The ultimate goal is to be able to offer customers a global response by integrating all our expertise through a single contact person, regardless of the point of contact with the company.

What are your development prospects?

85% of our customers are pharmaceutical industry players in France, with the rest split between space and microtechnologies. The SYNEXIN group brings together a hundred employees for a global turnover of 20 million euros, in a continuous progression of 5 to 10% per year. Our goals are to reach 30 million in the next 5 years.

Our activity now involves raising public authorities’ awareness of the need to guarantee sovereignty and competitiveness in strategic sectors such as the production of medicines, microelectronics or biotechnology.

STERIGENE’s reputation encourages SYNEXIN’s participation in emblematic projects such as the FMD vaccine production center that requires very high containment, Sanofi Pasteur’s new production unit in Neuville sur Saône or that of the Institut Pasteur in Dakar, the development and qualification of insulation records for the ITER fusion reactor or for the production units of dermo-fillers such as hyaluronic acid in France and Switzerland.

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