Julien Miniconi, deputy mayor, met with the company Ripamonti in La Chapelle-Souëf to discuss the recruitment difficulties

Lylian Lafine, Jérôme Andraud, Julien Miniconi, Deputy Mayor of Mortagne-au-Perche, Valerio Artifoni, Benjamin Lebigre and Marilène Dheygers. (© Le Perche)

At the perch Today, many companies find recruitment difficulties. On 25 October 2021, the government called for a broad mobilization to reduce recruitment tensions in France.

Julien Miniconi, Deputy Mayor of Mortagne-au-Perchehad invited in January fifteen companies targeted to a presentation seminar on this topic with the aim of building concrete and adequate solutions in terms of human resources, encouraging any action mobilize mechanisms adapted to local needs and promote them and strengthen support for employers in terms of the attractiveness of their professions.

The April 26, 2022, the company Ripamonti SAS Artifoni was highlighted in the company of local recruiting actors by the sub-prefecture.

job centerThe local mission like this Orne Buildings and Public Works Federation were present in La Chapelle-Souëf (Orne), in the home of Ruddy Descieux, La Clef des Champs 61completely renovated by Valerio Artifoni and your team.

“We want to reduce the problems of recruiting companies in Perche and in the arrondissement, the situation is particular because the unemployment rate is extremely low”, says Julien Miniconi, deputy mayor of Mortagne-au-Perche. “Paradoxically, that doesn’t mean we’re not looking for jobs or recruiting.”

a global project

This approach to employment is part of a global project that includes the mobility and the fiber development.

The department of Orne is losing inhabitants, but by having dynamic companies, which become attractive, this will increase the attractiveness.

Julien MiniconiDeputy Mayor of Mortagne-au-Perche

“Most sectors are in tension in the Orne and in the Mortagne-L’Aigle basin, in addition to trade, which seems to have fewer problems”, reveals Jérôme Andraud, business consultant at the Pôle emploi de L’Eagle agency.

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The company ripamonti was born in 1971was founded by Valerio Artifoni’s father-in-law.

“I arrived in 1988 and have been running the company for about thirty years”, explains the latter. “We know of more or less prosperous periods, with about twenty employees, we took care of the restoration and rehabilitation of the old building within a radius of 30 km around Bellême”.

Ripamonti has partnership how Heritage Foundation and the Perche Regional Natural Park.

look for masons

“We are looking for two qualified bricklayers, a carpenter and a heavy-duty driver with C license”, develops Valerio Artifoni. “The objective is to integrate new employees and train them, we are short of staff, if we had two teams it would allow us to meet deadlines more easily”.

We have to attract people, because young people are leaving. Before for apprenticeship, there was the involvement of the employer for transport and accommodation, today it is more difficult.

Marilene DheygersDirector of the local mission of L’Aigle-Mortagne

“We must have done wrong in our communication, today we want to improve ourselves”, answers Valerio Artifoni.

“We have to try to find solutions to come and go”, adds the deputy mayor.

“4 out of 5 companies are members of the Orne Construction Federation, we try to reach young people, interest them, present the materials and promote professions at CFAs, for example”, informs Lylian Lafine, Deputy Secretary General of the Orne Construction Federation.

The path to conversion

Benjamin Lebigre, 29, arrived at the Ripamonti company in January, after a requalification. After a BA at STI and a DUT at Le Mans, he did an internship at Renault at Le Mans, but that was not what he was looking for.

“I had the opportunity to try construction thanks to my brother, a bricklayer, I helped him with his house, then renewed the experience with friends and decided to start”, says Benjamin Lebigre. With Pôle Emploi, he started a immersion training in Ripamonti, which he completed in early April.

“There is a period of adaptation to the job and training of a maximum of 400 hours to have better foundations and get to work more relaxed”, develops Jérôme Andraud.

Two other people are in training at Valerio Artifoni thanks to Pôle Emploi.

“I would like to thank the Local Mission and Pôle Emploi for their sometimes complicated work, which helps to guide young and old alike”, concludes Julien Miniconi.

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