hybrids and electrics continue their conquest of the

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By 2040, won’t the Chinese master nuclear fusion?

Or else they will have invented a battery for 1000 km.

oh man
“In 2040, will the grid be able to keep up with the consumption of electric vehicles?
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How long have I been reporting it?
And also the fact that for this we will have to strengthen all electrical networks. From production centers to all consumption points.

Opponents of the fully electric talk about it only discreetly. But Pb is very real and huge.

Let’s ask any electrician the following question: why different cable sections depending on the power to be transported?
Who will pay, in your opinion? The state!
Who will pay the additional cost of E. renewable?
How to replace cultivated land taken from agriculture? (to eat, is it enough to buy pasta at Carrefour?.)
– why for some decades manufacturers have been researching and inventing equipment to reduce electricity consumption?
– Why has EDF been announcing possible power cuts in times of excessive demand for years?.

The answer is simple: EDF is at the peak of its electricity production and transport capacity.

So, is it reasonable to close 50% of the nuclear fleet, within the horizon of …;?
Knowing that the wind produces only 30% of the time and the solar 20% (time does not mean need or production!).

I’m not the one who says it, but it’s the result of studies carried out.

Days without wind, or without sun, storm, what do we do? Do we stay in bed?

And again, to have electric cars, we’ll put wind turbines on every ridge and ridge of the countryside, but we’ll also coat the Atlantic and English Channel facades with wind farms…

All this for the happiness of the ecolobobos of the cities who don’t give a damn about how we live in the countryside…

Just look here at the projections of onshore and offshore wind farms to see that we are going to completely disfigure the country…

The displays of anything big are here…

In 2040, will the network be able to keep up with the consumption of electric vehicles?


Fed up with environmentalists… and disinformation.

I notice :” Many environmentalists are calling for a ban on non-plug-in hybrid cars, which makes sense.

What logic?

So if I follow the bullshit that’s going on: “I don’t like fish and it empties the seas to eat fish so no one else has to eat fish“…

If we induce the construction of the hybrid car on balance: hybrid cars are by far the most polluting…

Just take the IPCC report to see that France is the country that made the most effort and is also the developed country that pollutes the least.

In the name of which we must always do better and worse than everyone else…

With the exception of some developed countries, electric cars are unsalable: countries lack electricity and electrical infrastructure…

We are regularly taken for idiots: enough to see Renault’s poor annual results when it was world number 1 in the auto industry with Carlos Ghosn…

Survey — Energy: No, the electric car is not eco-friendly (3-part survey: see link)

REPORT | September 1, 2020


The main problem is the success of non-rechargeable hybrid cars, all studies confirm that they are hyper-polluting and that the rechargeable hybrid car should be preferred. Many environmentalists are calling for a ban on non-plug-in hybrid cars, which makes sense.

Hybrid and electric cars continued to conquer European markets in the first quarter, said the Association of European Manufacturers (AFP/Archives/JENS SCHLUETER)

Hybrid and electric cars continued to conquer European markets in the first quarter, the European Manufacturers Association (ACEA) said on Thursday.

The sharp drop in the European market in the first quarter (-12.3% on a year), linked in particular to the shortage of semiconductors, mainly affected sales of diesel cars, which fell by 33.2% to 378 thousand units.

On the contrary, the situation continues to benefit light hybrids (petrol and diesel), which now represent a quarter of the market, against 20% at the beginning of 2021 (563,000 vehicles, +5.3% over a year).

100% electric cars also continue to grow and represent 10% of the market, with 224,000 units sold in the first quarter (+53.4% ​​in one year).

After having conquered major markets such as Germany or France, electric car sales are now exploding in Spain, Romania and Poland. Only Italy has seen its electric vehicle sales decline, awaiting new purchase bonuses.

Plug-in hybrids, on the other hand, maintained a downward trend that started at the end of 2021 (-5.3% in one year, 8.9% of the market), mainly in France and Germany.

Gasoline cars continue to dominate European sales with 808,000 units and 36% market share, but are experiencing a sharp market decline (-22.6% year-on-year), and are overtaken by sales hybrids, electrics and plug-in hybrids.

The European market has just experienced the worst three months in its history (still excluding 2020), with 2.2 million vehicles sold. Sales are being hampered by a number of logistical problems, including a shortage of semiconductors.

Since the end of February, the closure of factories of Ukrainian suppliers has increased the shortage of electronic components.

Faced with this shortage, manufacturers have prioritized equipment for their most profitable models, including electrified models. But these new engines were also overtaken in Q4 by the shortage of electronic chips, preventing them from continuing the unprecedented growth seen in 2020.

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