Going Electric, How Much Will It Really Cost You New, Used! Example at Renault

Gasoline prices have certainly dropped a little since the beginning of April, but still high in practice, rising energy prices in general and many uncertainties linked to the current context, implementation by December 2024 low emission zones (ZFE-m) in all metropolitan agglomerations with more than 150,000 residents (there must be one near you), it can be tempting to be seduced by an electric vehicle at the moment. Also, more and more of you are diving in. While they still haven’t surpassed 2% market share in 2018, battery-powered models came close to 10% last year and up to 12% in the first three months of 2022, a leap forward! Yes, but come on, you still have to be able to buy such a vehicle, because it is a fact, a zero emission car costs much more than a thermal one. According to the latest data from the JATO company, an average of €10,000 more is needed (€32,218 for a combustion engine, €42,658 for an electric one). And in addition to the price, important items such as charging or reselling the vehicle should not be forgotten. So, to reassure buyers, car manufacturers are no longer skimping on “all-inclusive” packages, including a large number of “reinsurance products.” This is the case of Renault and the group’s new brand dedicated to new mobility, Mobilize, which went into more detail about the new services they offer to encourage electric mobility. The purpose of this article is not to know the balance point of this or that electric Renault in relation to its thermal equivalent, but simply to determine the minimum budget that you will have to allocate each month (rent or credit) to put it electric in Renault if you opt for a new model (Mégane E-Tech 100% Electric) new or used (Zoé)? Follow the leader !

Example with a new 100% electric Renault Mégane E-Tech

Megane E-Tech 100% Electric©Renault

what is included

Prices for the 100% electric Mégane E-Tech start at €35,200, compared to €28,200 for a basic petrol Mégane. Once the €6,000 bonus of CO2 has been deducted, the pill is already easier to swallow, as the difference is only €1,000, still in advantage of the thermal Mégane. If they both have the same power (130hp for EV, 140hp for unleaded fuel), one of them won’t run as much as the other with a lot of energy, the EV version can only go 300km on its small 40kWh battery. Furthermore, to attract buyers, Renault has planned an all-inclusive formula of €260/month for long-term rentals of more than 37 months per 30,000 km with a first rental of €10,000, reduced to €4,000 after deducting the bonus. Good news, at this price it even comes with a model presented at the list price of €31,200 and benefiting from an additional charger tolerant to direct current (DC) up to 85 kW (which the €29,200 model does not offer). But what exactly does that price include?

In addition to the mileage already mentioned, 3 years warranty, 24-hour assistance and maintenance included, you also benefit from:

  • a free app (Mobilize Smart Charge) that allows you to optimize your home charging costs by only charging your vehicle during off-peak hours;
  • a card associated with an application (Mobilize Charge Pass for individuals, Mobilize Business Pass for companies) that gives access to a network of more than 36,000 charging stations in France, 200,000 in Europe, including the charging stations on the Ionity network with which you have preferential rates (even if the Renault group is not an official partner);
  • a credit card (Mobilize Visa Card) that, with its RFID technology, can replace the Mobilize Charge Pass or the Mobilize Business Pass and allow customers to pay their top-up on the public network. It is also possible, thanks to it, to finance the installation of the terminal at home;
  • a “battery certificate” officially indicating the remaining energy capacity of the vehicle’s battery which can reassure buyers at the time of resale.

what is extra

On the other hand, and this is not negligible, count about €37/month for 36 months with a €199 deposit to install a charging station in your home. Knowing that 90 to 95% of recharges are made at home, you will certainly be among those who will opt for this option.

You can also choose to“Switch car” option which, for €30/month, gives you the possibility to drive 20 days a year with a thermal vehicle (insurance included and unlimited mileage). Practice! The only condition to be respected is to make the request 72 hours in advance or, better, a little more before peak hours.

In the end, the electric Mégane will cost €297/month with the terminal and €327/month with the “Switch car” option. This is a significant sum compared to the €224 monthly that the aforementioned Mégane TCe 140 hp petrol will demand, also in LLD. And the initial contribution is lower: €3,500.

Example with a used Renault Zoé

Renault Zoe
Renault Zoe© Christophe Congrega

Since you may not have the ability to put more than $300 a month into your car, not counting refills, you may want to resort to a used model. In this sense, Renault relies on its long experience. Since its launch in early 2010, it has sold a total of 156,743 Zoe. Therefore, there are many copies on the second-hand market. On the Renault Occasions website, the entry model (an entry model, with just over 72,000 km, dated 2015 and equipped with a 23.3 kWh battery) costs €6,890. When opting for a loan, not a rental (so with a guarantee of only 6 months and without maintenance), you get back €90/month. It’s already better than Mégane’s €260 minimum. If you opt for the options “install a charging station at home” and “Change car” (accessible to used models), it will cost you €157/month. Yes but, as we pointed out in a previous topic, we shouldn’t forget about the battery rent (because yes, all Zoé before April 2018 imposes the battery rent). Then count between 74 and 124 € more to add per month. Or at best €234/month. However, for just over €100/month, there are petrol Clios with similar mileage. You will also not be able to take advantage of the “Mobilize Smart Charge” feature (see above) reserved for Zoé produced from November 2020. In short, a pretty penny in both cases (new or used). And we must not forget that we only take the basic Mégane and Zoé as an example in this article and that it will be necessary to add a few tens of euros to the invoice by opting for a better equipped and/or presented version and/or with more autonomy…

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