Boryl: The code-breaking data marketing consulting agency!

Focus on Boryl agency

Boryl is an operational data marketing agency whose main objective is to democratize access to data and all its wealth.

From consulting to operational implementation, Boryl enables companies of all sizes with an online business (e-commerce, SaaS, marketplace, lead generation, etc.) -office, etc.) to take concrete and intelligent actions.

Using the superior talent (excellent engineers with dual technical and business skills), with cutting edge expertise market tools, as well as advanced proprietary toolsBoryl covers the entire data marketing value chain.

Three interdependent areas of expertise

Application and web analytics

Boryl’s main experience is focused on data collection. They help companies to correctly and compliantly collect all data essential for the proper functioning of their analytics, media, CRM, back-office platforms, etc.

Where Boryl excels in this app and web analytics experience is the operational implementation. Once the scope/audit phase is complete, they can (if the end customer wants to) take care of everything and deliver turnkey data collection.

Business Intelligence and Dataviz

Once a company collects data on its various platforms, Boryl offers you the possibility to easily access it, providing one or more personalized, intuitive and automated dashboards.

The marketing team of the company in question is therefore able to:

  • Monitor in detail the achievement of your goals
  • Improve your decisions and the management of marketing actions

All without having to manipulate the data and without wasting time!

Where Boryl excels in this offering is its ability to provide end-to-end support, from advice to operational implementation, while remaining accessible to any company.

The idea is simple, the company comes with a need and a designated team at Boryl:

  • It designs, in collaboration with the client company, specifications that cover all needs
  • Created a prototype of the future dashboard and took into account the feedback until validation by the client company
  • Deploys the most appropriate technical architecture (ETL, Data Warehouse, etc.)
  • Builds the future dashboard and takes feedback into account until validation by the client company
  • Provides the dashboard, trains target users in its use and ensures maintenance over time

Boryl also supports making sense of the data presented by regularly delivering an interpretation and recommendation document.

Marketing Automation

In addition to using the data present on the various platforms for visualization and analysis purposes, Boryl offers companies the possibility of using them in a complete, automated and efficient relational marketing system.

The purpose for the client company? Boost your acquisition and improve your retention by delivering your prospects/customers a fully personalized and consistent experience across all touchpoints.

Here, too, Boryl’s differentiating element is his ability to link consulting and operational deployment. Once the preliminary steps are completed (audit of the existing, framework, definition of future scenarios, choice of tools and target architecture, etc.) Boryl manages to implement the technical part while remaining accessible :

  • Deployment of a custom database centralizing and unifying all customer/prospect data for activation purposes
  • Creation of data flows (ETL) linking the different platforms to the database
  • Automation of cleaning, consolidation, enrichment, segment creation, score calculation, etc.
  • Creation of data flows (reverse ETL) linking the database to different activation platforms (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Sendinblue, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Klaviyo, etc.)

In addition to technical deployment, Boryl also provides operational support for using third-party activation platforms (creation of new fields, creation of scenarios, etc.).

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