Why scaleups like Sophie’s Bionutrients are moving to Food Valley (not Silicon Valley)

Biotech company Sophie’s Bionutrients celebrates Earth Day and six months in Europe’s Food Valley

WAGENINGEN, Netherlands, May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Six months ago, Sophie’s Bionutrients, a pioneer in microalgae proteins, decided to move its Singapore headquarters to Food Valley, the world’s center for alternative proteins, in the Netherlands. Since then, the biotechnology company has found specialized production partners, supplemented its management team with Dutch talent, identified experts in different fields, signed commercial deals and is on the verge of closing the next round of funding. What allowed this very fast “landing”?

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“Food Valley’s highly developed ecosystem is similar to Silicon Valley’s, but is focused on agri-food technologies,” explains Eugene Wang, Founder and Co-CEO. “It all started with a program called Go Beyond, designed to attract international scaleups to the Netherlands. That led me to mentor Willem Sodderland, who eventually became our Director of Scaleup and co-CEO. We got together and started using your connections. In just a few weeks, we found an expert in protein extraction that we couldn’t find in Singapore two years ago. »

Everything accelerated when Sophie caught the accelerators’ attention StartLife and Planet B.io. Recognizing that the team was close to commercialization, StartLife chose to offer personalized support, and a few months later, Sophie’s Bionutrients opened its European office on the WUR campus. This move gave Sophie’s Bionutrients access to the best talent to build a world-class team in the Netherlands and go from the lab to the factory.

“The last six months have been decisive for our growth. With the unwavering support of StartLife and Planet Bio, we are rapidly exploring the limitless possibilities of microalgae-based protein alternatives and shaping a sustainable future for the food industry,” added Wang.

“As a center for agri-food innovation, Food Valley is the perfect springboard for Sophie’s Bionutrients to take the next step in commercialization. Talent and innovation in Europe have allowed us to advance at an incredible pace as we seek to bring microalgae-based proteins to millions of people around the world,” said Willem Sodderland, Director of Scaleup at Sophie’s Bionutrients.

Accelerating commercialization at the heart of plant innovation by Europe

Sophie’s Bionutrients is one of the few companies in Singapore that has successfully established itself in Europe. Asia is far behindEurope When it comes to new proteins, the Netherlands was the logical starting point to introduce the world to Sophie’s Bionutrients’ revolutionary microalgae-based proteins.

Since its opening in Europe, the team was able to install themselves at the factory and simultaneously use all the equipment in the factory to increase the speed of development. The company has access to top-notch research at local Dutch universities, including WUR, best agricultural university in the world. StartLife and Planet Bio also provided presentations to investors to help bring Sophie’s Bionutrients to market.

Earth Day: Investing in the planet with microalgae proteins

Sophie’s Bionutrients’ six-month existence in the Food Valley coincides with Earth Day, the global movement that encourages leaders to “invest in our planet”. In the struggle to sustainably meet future population growth, microalgae are one of the most promising candidates as they offer maximum nutritional value for a minimal footprint.

Sophie’s Bionutrients embraces the circular economy, feeding strains of microalgae with secondary streams recycled from other food manufacturing processes. Microalgae-based proteins also require significantly less land, time, water and energy than traditional animal proteins or plant-based alternatives such as peas and soy. In addition, fermentation does not require the use of harmful contaminants or pesticides. By leading the shift to microalgae, Sophie’s Bionutrients is poised to revolutionize agriculture and enable a more sustainable future for all.

About Sophie’s Bionutrients

Sophie’s Bionutrients, a B2B food technology company, is on a mission to unlock nature’s limitless possibilities, restore our planet and eliminate food allergies. She aims to achieve this goal by creating protein-rich plant-based alternatives to meat and seafood, using microalgae, the mother of all animal and plant life. In 2021, the company announced that it would be the first food technology company in the world to use microalgae to develop 100% plant-based, sustainable protein alternatives, with the core vision that microalgae is the superfood of the future.

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