VIDEO. Future pool in Dinan: three pools, a spa and already hot tubs

The future community pool, located in Dinan, is expected to see the light of day in 2025. Elected community representatives have just voted to award the project management contract. © Dinan Agglomeration

It is an understatement to say that the subject is of interest. on the agenda of the last community council, on the 25th of april, most councilors spoke, which is far from being a habit of the dinannais hemicycle. After a brief presentation of the architect’s plans, the short video of building layout did not leave the elect indifferent.

white and wood

There we discovered the future pool as if we were pushing the door for the first time. outside, decidedly modern, looks like two rectangles placed one on top of the other. Too much white stands out vegetation imagined in the courtyard. The reception is spacious, already lit. Then we go to the changing rooms, with a more classic look.

Inside but we’re really inside as the light seems to penetrate the building we find the two basins sought after by the elect. One of 25 meters, instead of swimmingthe other 15 meters, aiming more playful with massaging jets and swan necks. We can already see children playing in the water and swimmers talking. Made of wood and glass topped with a white pitched roof, the building has yet to deliver all its treasures. Upstairs, the place will invite you to relax in a dedicated space with saunas and jacuzzis, still in wood and white tones.

50 meters of outdoor swimming pool

But it is without a doubt out there that we will have the most pleasure. we will meet there a very big pool, twice the size of Léhon today and a space for children. It will also be possible to drop the towel on sunny days, all with a view of the glass building… or not.

For that is where the observations and questions first focused. “Maurice Benoist’s stands will smear alongside beautiful equipment”, first unchecked Michel Dauganmayor of Plouasne, to the attention of his colleague Dinannais, who had to endure several poignant salvos at night.

“It’s a very beautiful project, in a place not likely to let this gem be imagined,” he added. Miguel Knight, Mayor of Plumaugat. But the impulse was undoubtedly taken by the mayor of Taden, Evelyn Thoreux, recalling that the project presented was “magnificent”: “Reminds me of the announcements from the beginning of the century for family pensions by the sea, which were very far from them. If the architect manages to do that, I can only agree, but where is he going to put it all? I need proof. »

Why, choosing the location of the future swimming pool, already observed in previous community councils, is not unanimous. It will be built behind Dinan Station, below Maurice Benoist Stadium, in place of the adjacent land. The atmosphere of this stadium is, today, a little monotonous and some elected ones seem to have projection difficulty. But Didier Lechien, mayor of Dinan, reminds us: the station district is in complete renovation and• the improvement of the living environment will be real in the coming years. It looks like the Point P company, which generates heavy truck traffic just meters from the entrance to the future pool, is also considering moving.

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do with business

“This project corresponds to the desire not to turn one’s back on the city. We chose the entrance to the city, which is why this project was preferred over another that created a cocoon. It’s true that there is a company, Sameto, but that doesn’t bother us. It’s there and we take care of it, it’s not the company or the pool”, says the president of the Dinan Agglomeration, Arnaud Lecuyer.

He strongly defends the design of the architectural firm finally selected by a jury of elected officials, that of Parisian company Po&Po. These architects have already built many swimming pools in France, around thirty, and won over the jury with the effectiveness of their design. “Both in terms of landscape and visually, this project pleases. From the reception, after the operation, it is designed by those who know how to make swimming pools. »

in a cloister

The Po&Po workshop, present in Dinan the day after the community council, was able to detail their project. And the architect admits that he enjoyed accepting the challenge of‘integrate the equipment in an urban area. “It is the great wealth of the place to be in the city, as there is transport and we are close to the station and the greenway. The factory in the background is no problem for the professional who even claims to have used it to design the Nordic pool.

“To maintain privacy, we moved very close to the factory, because it’s a mask that also cuts the wind. In order not to see too much, we will have a planted pergola. The pool is sunk 2.50 m below the stadium so it is not subject to winds and looks. “We designed the basin as a cloister,” explains Jean-Luc Calligaro, the architect.

But whether we are skeptical or impatient, it’s a few years before we get our shirt wet as the start of work is scheduled for 2023 for completion in the summer of 2025.

The pool in numbers

• 3 pools are planned: two indoors, one for swimming of 25m and another, more playful, a square measuring 15x15m; outside, an Olympic swimming pool, modular, 50 m and 2 m deep.
• 600 people are planned for the equipment in winter and 1000 people in summer.
• Forecast of 180 to 200 parking spaces.
• The land comprises 2 hectares including 4000m2 for the swimming pool project.
• 2.50 m: the height of the trees that will be planted for landscaping around the pools.
• The global project is expected to cost 25 million euros.
• The operating loss budget is estimated at €900,000 annually.

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