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Proximis and have just published their third survey on the behavior of French people in relation to e-commerce. At a time when car manufacturers are insistently betting on this issue, here are the main trends.

Services related to equipment distribution and car repairs still need to progress on the Internet.

With the pandemic, e-commerce continues to grow in France. In 2020, internet sales increased by 8.5% (source: FEVAD – Fédération e-commerce et vente à distance). This value is certainly slightly lower than in 2019, linked to the decrease in sales of services, such as transport, leisure and tourism due to the pandemic, but which, however, represented a market of 112.2 billion euros.

For the third year in a row, companies Proximis (provider of e-commerce solutions) and (a company that studies retail behavior), with the support of OpinionWay, have just published a very instructive study on the behavior of the French towards to online commerce. This study was carried out at the end of June, with 98 consumer brands (Darty, Fnac, Conforama, Kiabi, Sphora, Truffaut, Ikea, Leroy-Merlin, etc.). Among these brands, there are eight car (and motorcycle) sales and repairs: Autobacs, Autodistribution, Dafy Moto, Euromaster, Feu Vert, Moto Axxe, Motoblouz and Norauto.

Shorter delivery times

According to this study, delivery is at the heart of French expectations. 91% want free delivery costs, 90% want free exchange and returns, 89% want to see a specific delivery date displayed, 88% choose the time, and 80% want next day delivery after purchase.

As for shopping habits, while 75% of French people use a computer to order, now one in two do so on their mobile phone and one in four on a tablet. Note that voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home attract 8% of French people.

The latter shop at any time of the day, but the afternoon (67%) and evening (52%) seem to be the best times to spend money on the Internet. For the record, one in five French people buys… on the toilet. It’s as much as the bathroom, the car or… the restaurant! But the vast majority of purchases are made in the living room (75%), in the bedroom (49%), in the kitchen (34%) and in the workplace (34%).

The brands with the best customer experience by far are Amazon (58%), followed by Decathlon (50%) and chocolate maker Jeff de Bruges (40%). In the cars/motorcycles section, Norauto got 20% of the votes and Feu Vert, 15%. By way of comparison, Carrefour has 23% and Auchan has 11%.

Sometimes below average

In the question “What do you think is the brand whose website offers the most studied features?in the automotive sector, Norauto obtained 35% of the votes, Feu Vert (23%), Dafy Moto (8%), Euromaster (7%) and Autodistribution (5%).

In this study, brands are ranked 20 according to 50 criteria. Auto/Motorcycle players are in fifth place with an average score of 10.47/20, behind culture/hi-tech (13.91), toys (13.25), fashion/clothing (11.26) and jewelry. /accessories (10.81), but ahead of beauty/care (9.78), DIY/garden (9.77), home (9.27) and sport/lifestyle (9.01).

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In detail, not all brands are… in the same boat. There are big disparities depending on the themes (all scores are out of 20):

  • Delivery methods: Toy specialist La Grande Récré scores 20, while the leading car brand is Norauto with 14.36, followed by Dafy Moto (11.82) and tied with Autobacs and Moto Axxe (11.41).
  • Delivery times: Gol wins 17.76 tied with Fnac, Darty and Truffaut. In car service, the results are not good. The average of the eight actors is only 6.62 and the best in this matter is Self-Distribution with only 9.38.
  • Delivery costs: not much better. Automotive players are at the bottom of the table (average of 6.91), which is certainly explained by the size and weight of certain parts. Norauto gets a score of 12.78 here.
  • Payment (display of secure payment guarantee, payment x times without cost, oneclick payment, deferred payment on receipt of the product): the car/motorcycle goes unpunished. First in all sectors is the online seller Motoblouz (16.95), followed in sixth place tied by Dafy Moto and Euromaster (13.13).

In the auto/motorcycle industry, it is ultimately the motorcycle that is doing the best. Motoblouz and Dady Moto are on the first two steps of the podium with 12.84 and 12.81 respectively. They are followed by Self-Distribution with an average rating of 11.53.

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