Rakuten launches its Fulfillment service in Europe

With its 8,500 sellers in France, the brand launches its Fulfillment offer. Explanations with Fabien Versavau, President of Rakuten France, live from the One to One show in Monaco.

It was on the Côte d’Azur, during the now legendary digital fair, that Rakuten announced the launch of its “Fulfillment Network Solution” offer.

Born in Japan 25 years ago, P2P pioneer Rakuten is gradually establishing himself as a key player in digital commerce in Europe and, in particular, France, where his “Club R” now has 11 million members.

The aim of the new service offer is to respond to a strong demand from its 85% of French sellers and brands to access logistics know-how to focus on their sales or creation business.

Fabien Versavau, CEO of Rakuten France @Rakuten

Unlike its main e-commerce competitors who operate their own warehouses, Rakuten relies on a network of partners. They will be 22 by the end of the year, including 8 in Western Europe. Operators are e-commerce logistics specialists such as Cubyn, Hopps Group or GXO. They have been handpicked to strict specifications and are monitored through SLAs. They were also chosen according to the product categories they can handle (fragile, bulky, flammable, etc.) and their geographic area.

A tool at the service of sellers and brands

The offering consists of offering sellers a complete service covering the handling, storage, packaging and shipping of e-commerce orders. The brand advertises a simple and quick use of the tool. Concretely, once the seller has selected the stocks to be sent to his merchant space in one click, the interface connects him to the network of partners to identify the most suitable warehouse to process them, depending on their location and the specifics of the products. in question (size, weight, composition, etc.).

After testing the concept, testing it for a few months with 100 vendors, Rakuten determined three profiles of companies involved with this new offering.
Firstly, there are VSEs-SMEs who want to digitize and thus increase their potential clientele.

Then there are non-European sellers who must meet very strict regulations to sell in the common market. Rakuten offers them a very complete service offering to meet these restrictions, including follow-up by a specialized consultant, assistance in creating the local structure or even customs declarations. Finally, big brands are interested in the concept because they often have difficulty understanding the entire online sales process (choice of ranges, animation, loyalty, returns), and Rakuten provides assistance in the matter.

No surcharge for products ordered on other platforms

The philosophy of the Fulfillment Network Solution platform is threefold: it aims to be simple with a readable and transparent price list (it does not advertise any administration, installation or stock removal fees) and, finally, fair because, unlike its competitors, there are no penalty for sales made outside of Rakuten and sent through fulfillment. “Our offer is agnostic, as we see no reason to penalize our sellers and brands if a package was sold outside of Rakuten, while the resources needed to produce it will be the same”, adds the president of Rakuten. A pavement fed up with its competitors.

The price of the service is presented as offering up to 25% off the price obtained individually with a logistician. “Price incentive is important, but we rely above all on the intelligence of our platform and human support”, specifies Fabien Versavau.

Fabien Versavau insists on Rakuten’s partnership and inclusive vision, which also applies to this new offering. “We are at the service of ecosystems (consumers, brands and sellers) to participate in their growth and help them benefit from digitalization. Our offer is not competitive”, he adds. It is true that Rakuten, unlike other markets, is not a seller. Its entire offer is, in fact, articulated around the services provided to its customers and partners.

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