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On September 28, the first edition of TikTok World took place, an event aimed at brands and professionals who want to explore the opportunities of the social network.

At a time when the platform exceeded one billion monthly users, TikTok wants to better monetize its audience, using new solutions to collaborate with influencers, create ads and boost e-commerce.

Facilitate collaboration between influencers and brands

TikTok Creators Marketplace

During the event, the social network announced the update of “TikTok Creators Marketplace”, the platform dedicated to collaborations between companies and content creators present on TikTok. This allows you to discover influencers who are ready to run promotional campaigns for brands.

concretely, Tiktok Creators Marketplace will make it easier for companies and influencers to connect with an improved filtering system (type of post searched, location of influencer, average number of views, etc.). In addition, once a content creator accepts a campaign, it is possible for the company to track the entire creation process and access post statistics in real time. Note: The platform now offers more performance monitoring statistics.

TikTok also announces the feature Open app campaignswhich allows companies to submit their campaign briefings and influencers to apply directly offering their services.

Find the perfect influencer for your next TikTok ad campaign. © TikTok

At the same time, the social network also launched “TikTok Creative Exchange”a portal to connect with creative service providers to help companies produce more effective ads.

TikTok Creative Center

Another novelty: “TikTok Creative Hub”, a platform that offers the possibility to find inspiration for carrying out promotional campaigns. The site offers to discover:

  • which ads performed better on the platform,
  • the latest musical trends,
  • case studies of companies that launched promotional campaigns on TikTok.
Get inspired by others. © TikTok

Improve the ad creation and delivery process

Companies can access “Dynamic Scene”, a new tool integrated into the video editor that automatically creates ads from existing content. The feature uses machine learning to split a video into multiple scenes and offer different versions based on audience preferences. Then the ads are A/B tested to determine which format performs the best.

For more transparency in ad distribution, TikTok launches “Toggle Branded Content”which makes it very easy to indicate that a video is sponsored.

“This tool simplifies and adds transparency to any sponsored content creator for TikTok. In the coming months, we will be adding even more features, such as the ability for advertisers to see insights and metrics related to campaign performance.

Finally, companies can create “Customized Instant Page”lightweight landing pages that load 11 times faster than a typical mobile page so viewers get to the main message quickly and enjoy an enhanced user experience.

New options for e-commerce

After integrating the purchase of products in its platform, the social network presents TikTok shopping, a set of features that promote e-commerce. The social network announced new partnerships with Shopify, Square, Ecwid and Prestashop. Among the news:

  • Product links: businesses can promote products in an organic TikTok video, directing viewers to product listings,
  • Live shopping: during a live session, brands can share in real-time dynamic links redirecting to products or services,
  • Ad collections: it is possible to integrate personalized product sheets into advertisements,
  • Dynamic Demo Ads (DSA): Brands can automatically promote products based on user interests, calculated based on their social media activity, similar to retargeting.

“On TikTok, content performs best when it’s relevant to our community. With that in mind, we’ve created a series of DSA templates that follow these creative principles. », clarified the platform.

Helping brands manage their notoriety on the platform

TikTok also wanted to address the issue of brand recognition on the platform by offering different options. From now on, advertisers will be able to count on the “Range and Frequency” which provides access to the predicted range as well as the transmission frequency. Brands can choose the volume, range and transmission frequency, allowing them to lock in a CPM in advance.

Finally, the platform is launched “TikTok Inventory Filter”to give brands better control over what content they appear next to, thanks to machine learning technology that classifies elements (video, text, audio, etc.) according to risk level.

Source: TikTok

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