Noise and Dek Hockey: Rimouski hardens his tone, citizens voice their dissatisfaction

On Monday night, the board filed a motion to ban excessive noise at outdoor sports meetings that are held within 50 meters of a residence.

Noise from screams, sirens, loudspeakers and whistles would thus be prohibited between 8:00 pm and 7:00 am, which would limit field hockey activities.

More than 70 people came to express their dissatisfaction with the city of Rimouski’s intention to regulate noise.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Luc Blanchet

h. C’est impossible d’avoir une viabilité et d’entretenir des installations sur une période de 2heures par soir à 80équipes. C’est impossible”,”text”:”Le premier match est à 18h. C’est impossible d’avoir une viabilité et d’entretenir des installations sur une période de 2heures par soir à 80équipes. C’est impossible”}}”>The first game is at 6pm. It is impossible to have viability and maintain facilities for a period of 2 hours a night with 80 teams. It’s impossiblelamented Guylain Dupuis, co-owner of Sports JMD, which organizes field hockey activities.

Mayor Guy Caron, however, clarified that the statute has not yet been adopted. He claims that his board made a motion to be able to do so eventually, as a last resort. According to Mayor Caron, Sports JMD has done little to address the problem so far.

[L’entreprise] hasn’t appeared on the table since it left in September. She only came back in March to say that she would not invest in tests or to try to defuse the situation.he explains.

If the company does not want [trouver des façons de réduire le bruit] voluntarily – she hasn’t shown us in the last 6 or 8 months – we have to take appropriate action, hence the motion notice. »

a quote from Guy Caron, mayor of Rimouski

In 2020 and 2021, Sports JMD had, however, made adjustments to try and reduce noise, namely by installing bay windows, an industrial tarp, and spraying urethane on the ice rink planks to cushion the impact of blows. the ball. However, these measures proved to be insufficient.

a falsified study

In addition, in 2021, a solid study was carried out paid for by Sports JMD and the Société de promotion économique de Rimouski (SOPER). However, their results were considered unrepresentative as players were instructed to limit noise during play. ‘sampling.

A rooftop hockey field near homes.

The hockey field is located in the heart of the residential Saint-Germain district in Rimouski (archives).

Photo: Radio-Canada / Simon Rail-Laplante

If there had been no intervention, we could have had an idea of ​​what the noise level was constantly during a gamesaid Mayor Caron.

After encouraging its players to reduce noise during the study, Center Sport JMD refused to pay another.

Despite this, the Bas-Saint-Laurent Department of Public Health recommended last fall that relocating the outdoor hockey field be considered, based on, among other things, an earlier study that reported a noise level of 5 , 29 decibels above normal, an increase considered important and can have effects on physical and psychological health.

However, public health declined our request for an interview to explain their point of view.

Both parties ready to collaborate

Despite the abrupt tone of the discussions at the last City Council, the City Council says it is willing to support the JMD Sports Center in order to find a solution, which may involve moving to the industrial park.

Councilors of the City Council.

Exchanges between the mayor and field hockey representatives lasted most of the City Council.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Jean-Luc Blanchet

JMD Desportivo also claims to want to negotiate, but considers that the Chamber took an unfair position in favor of a handful of citizens.

We want to find a compromise, to discuss, while tonight we are witnessing a exhibition smoke and we are pariahs. »

a quote from Gino Cloutier, co-owner of Sports JMD

A petition from over 1,800 names has been filed with City Council so that field hockey activities can continue at their current location.

In turn, the group of citizens who complained about the noise preferred not to comment, but said they were calm with the measures taken by the City Hall. The group has about 100 people.

With the collaboration of Marie-Christine Rioux and Shanelle Guérin

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