Learning, professional mobility and housing: some advice!

According to the latest official figures, in 2021, learning progressed across France and benefited all sectors of activity. With 718,000 apprentices (+37% compared to 2020), apprenticeship is now more than ever recognized as a more attractive and excellent vocational training path for the future. These encouraging numbers also confirm the effectiveness of the learning aids, implemented since 1 July 2020. These awards, which vary between 5,000 and 8,000 euros for hiring a work-study student, have motivated companies to recruit. They are still in effect until June 30, 2022. However, according to a recent survey of the BVA opinion for the Observatoire de l’alternance, 49% of young people say they have had difficulties finding a business or training. Among the main reasons? Up to 20% each, the complexity of administrative procedures and the geographical distance between schools and companies. If the challenge is real, work-study students are not completely helpless… Explanations!

Professional and geographic mobility to get your contract?

Gildas Chauveau de Vallat, Managing Director of My New Town

Whether looking for a company or an educational establishment, young people will sometimes have a strong interest in moving from their initial place of residence. On the one hand, because the most reputable schools, often preferred by young people, are still mainly concentrated in large French cities. On the other hand, because employment opportunities at the scale of a city – even more so if it is small – are necessarily smaller than at the departmental, regional or even national scale.

Furthermore, since the Covid-19 pandemic, online training experienced hyper-growth and more and more digitized schools have emerged. The latter, which can also be financed by the OPCO through a work-study contract, can lead some young people to find a company without having to worry about the proximity between it and their training establishment.

Geographic mobility can therefore play an essential role in the success of the professional project of many young people. But whoever says “mobility” says “new vi(ll)e”… therefore new housing and a new environment.

Housing, at the heart of work-life balance

So that the search for accommodation don’t be a hindrance and approach your work-study year with complete peace of mind, there are a few tips you should know.

Once the destination city is known, it is advisable to favor a neighborhood close to the workplace to limit the “metro, work, sleep” effect. But it’s not about stubbornly looking for accommodation as close as possible to your company at all costs… but about finding your “cocoon” – an apartment that best matches your criteria, in a neighborhood where I love to live. This aspect is often essential to promote personal development.

In addition, a change necessarily implies an additional cost that must be integrated into your project. In addition to rent, paying the deposit or supply costs can quickly add to the bill; a significant cost for a young worker who does not always benefit from a financial reserve. the solution of furnished housing may therefore be more reasonable.

Another possibility to take advantage of apartments with a larger area and better location at a lower cost: Placing. The isolation suffered by students during the health crisis proves to us that, in addition to allowing work-study students to save on rent, this housing solution has benefits in your social life and mental health. It is also a lifestyle that enjoys a good image according to the latest studies.

Tailored systems and trusted partners

To reinforce the often limited financial resources, many aids – additional to the known PLA – were created for young workers. And this to reduce costs related to housing and mobility:

- The MOBILI-PASS Grant helps to finance part of the costs related to a move, namely the services of a mobility professional. This aid, granted by Action Logement, was amended in 2022 and is no longer considered an open subsidy to workers: the agreement of the worker’s employer in professional and geographical mobility will be requested.

- The MOBILI-JEUNE® Allowance is a subsidy that allows you to reduce your rent between €10 and €100 per month for 1 year. It is aimed at young people under 30, in a work-study program, whose gross monthly salary is less than or equal to 100% of the minimum wage. This aid, also granted by Action Logement, is calculated on the income after deducting the Housing Aid (APL).

- The VISALE Guarantee is a rental guarantee granted by Action Logement. It guarantees the payment of rents and lease charges to the owner in the event of non-compliance and aims to facilitate the search for accommodation by reassuring landlords. To benefit from the VISALE Guarantee, the tenant must be under 31 years of age.

- The LOCA-PASS® Aid is an aid that makes it possible to finance the deposit requested when moving to a new accommodation. Provided as a loan at a rate of 0%, it is repaid within a maximum period of 25 months for financing up to €1,200. To benefit from it, the tenant must fulfill one of the following conditions: be a worker in the private sector, be under 30 years of age and be in professional training or student worker (internship or CDD).

- Mon Job Mon Logement is a scholarship of up to €1,000 for young workers and work-study students. To qualify, you must have signed a new employment contract or be an employee and have moved closer to your job. The new housing must be less than 30 minutes from the job site.

These young employees can finally count on the good advice of specialists in professional and geographic mobility. Firstly, they provide valuable assistance in finding accommodation close to the workplace and adapted to your budget. But they can also advise them on the host city (neighborhood life, transport, leisure) and take care of some administrative procedures such as the termination and signing of the lease or the transfer of contracts related to the various providers (Internet, insurance, telephone, gas/electricity, etc.). These services make it possible not only to promote change, but also to integrate into the new city and, finally, to reassure parents.

All these measures, combined with the support of mobility experts and government measures, allow young people to be in the right conditions to start the next school year well!

* MOBILI-PASS®, MOBILI-JEUNE®, Mon Job Mon Logement and the VISALE Warranty are subject to conditions and granted by agreement of Action Logement Services. They are available within the limit of the maximum envelope value defined by the regulations in force.

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