How to organize the move of a company?

Too big, too small, poorly structured, difficult to access, too expensive: to optimize its activity, a company is sometimes interested in integrating new facilities. The transfer of professional activity to a new location requires good organization to ensure continuity of service during the transition period and that employees are quickly oriented. How to organize the move of a company? Our advice.

Moving your business: a thoughtful and early decision

moving a business multiple incidences, of various orders. When such a change is contemplated, all these implications must be considered.

material problems related to the change of office, warehouse and/or agency are quickly lifted: when to pack; how to transport equipment, machines, supplies, sort and classify files…

They reach the crucial point of the organization to be implemented during this period, to process day-to-day business, manage orders, etc. The impact of changing working conditions must not be minimized.

then open the HR component. Employees and other collaborators must be informed of the change. Changing the workplace can have a impact on employment contracts, sometimes requiring the signature of an amendment. The operation can also disrupt human resources. The stress factor is significant during a career change.

the domain legal therefore, it also occurs during a company change. Including the termination/signing of the lease, the administrative transfer, the publication of a legal notice for the transfer of the registered office of a company…

Old lease and new commercial premises

The first step in a moving project is find new facilities. It is done after having established a precise point about the needs in this area: surface, accessibility, layout, sector, sale or rent price, charges, etc.

Even with the support of a realtor who specializes in professional real estate, scouring the available properties and finding the opportunity to take advantage of it can take time.

Signing the new lease agreement initiates the procedures related to the change. The change date can be fixed, as well as retro-planning.

Furthermore, a step to be taken very early is the termination of the lease current. a delay of early warning 6 months must be arranged with your landlord to return the old premises. It is also necessary to check whether the termination period has been reached (every 3 years in principle).

Find a moving professional

Regardless of its size, a company always has a lot of equipment, furniture and supplies to move. Even with an in-house general resources department, the scale of the task is large. To call a moving company makes your organization much easier.

Experienced in the task of professional change, these companies deliver valuable advice to move your business as smoothly as possible.

Their checklist it allows not to forget anything, to prioritize things, to know in what order to proceed step by step.

Its experience and its moving truck make it possible to transport large volumes in a single trip, for maximize time, travel and future installation.

It also allows power protect the company’s assets, with moving insurance.

It is advisable request detailed quotes with several company changes to Evaluate the cost of moving your business and find your service provider.

Communicate about your move

Is important communicate widely about your move. first with contributors, directly impacted. The service providers and suppliers they also need to be informed of the company’s new contact details. No forget customers.

When the installation is complete, a opening of new facilities can be organized to celebrate a new page in the life of the company.

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This text is published under the responsibility of its author. Its content does not in any way involve the Les Echos Solutions editorial team.

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