How Phytogers wants to revolutionize the home cleaning products market

Healthy cleaning products for the planet, home and users? That’s what Phytogers, an agricultural transformation laboratory, offers. The Gers-based PME based in Gavarret-sur-Aulouste has developed a range of ultra-concentrated, organic and eco-certified cleaning products with cleaning, degreasing, stain removal and deodorizing properties.

Highly concentrated in plants, these natural products, which effectively clean all surfaces, are 100% biodegradable and made in France. In a household cleaning product market dominated by synthetic chemicals, the new Phytogers references stand out with compositions ranging from 99.95% to 100% of natural origin. the formulas they are fragrance-free, synthetic dye-free, phosphate-free, GMO-free, etc. These plant-based washing solutions, sourced from organic farming, are entirely produced in the Phytogers laboratory, from the reception of the plants to the industrial packaging in glass bottles.

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“We were able to develop both an industrial process, but above all a plant-based drugstore product with a truly innovative character. From dried or fresh plants we carry out a molecular transfer. . Then, in the laboratory, we proceed to concentration and formulation. We mix vegetable juices with citrus fruits, spices, medicinal or aromatic plants to arrive at washing solutions. automatic line”, says Jean-Christophe de Salins, director and owner of Phytogers laboratory.

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Products for a large audience

This new range of multi-surface cleaning sprays or floor maintenance sprays, intended to be marketed in BtoB, has been specially designed for the pharmacy. Phytogers has signed some contracts with pharmaceutical groups for the distribution and marketing of their products under the “NetObio” brand. These will be available, among other places, in the 900 pharmacies of the Alphega group and in the 80 pharmacies of the Pharm O’naturel chain.

Ultra-concentrated products can also be suitable for organic store chains such as Biocoop or Naturalia, for example. Gers PME is in “advanced procedures” with two groups, which should be able to deliver from June under the brand dedicated. To serve a wider audience and allow everyone to benefit from its solutions, Phytogers will also offer private label references.

“The attachment to environmental issues should not be tied to the portfolio. We have ongoing contracts with discount brands, which have 2,000 stores in France, for organic, natural products that clean well, that are less concentrated, but that make it possible to reach prices attack. For example, we arrived at a one liter bottle, at 4.99 euros, which allows cleaning surfaces of 3,000 m2”, explains the manager of Gers biotech.

To directly serve consumers, an e-commerce site is also available, NetObio, where the entire line is sold.

historical knowledge

In parallel with these novelties, the rural laboratory has a wide range of products: maintenance cosmetics, deodorants and pest control. Its various references are sold in around 800 points of sale in France and abroad, in Japan, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and soon in Germany. The various dedicated brands from the Phytogers laboratory are, for example, available on the shelves of Truffaut garden centers or even under the Nature & Découvertes brand. Biotech is constantly working on new products. Tests are ongoing for plant powder-based dishwasher tablets.

To develop all of its herbal products, Phytogers calls on around 80 farmers from 14 different countries, including France, to obtain plants. “Some plants don’t grow in France, I’m thinking of the eucalyptus we buy in Morocco for example“, specifies the entrepreneur who chose to work in a short-circuit process with eco-certified plants.

The Phytogers laboratory has established know-how in Gers since 1985. Historically, the company has always developed herbal and plant-based products. In 2014, the company was bought by the current manager and took a new direction. Prior to their acquisition by Jean-Christophe de Salins, drugstore products accounted for 15% of the company’s turnover. Today, this share has reached 65%.

“It took some time to reorganize, put together an ERP, reformulate all the elements in terms of European standards, recruit, acquire the right skills… and get the company up and running”, explains Jean-Christophe de Salins.

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speed up a march

The industrial enterprise today has significant development potential. It has market shares to take over a “hyper-concentrated” market for cleaning products, dominated by six (American) multinationals that hold 97% of a market estimated at 400 billion dollars. Today, natural products represent only 3% of this market, but they are advancing at high speed. “The share of organic and natural products is growing by 20% per year in the global market“, he rejoices.

Thus, the company based in Gers, which registered a turnover of 1.6 million euros in 2021, plans to double its turnover from 2023 onwards for the following three years.

To support its growth and finance its development, the French SME intends to raise funds. This capital contribution can be used, in particular, to: start expansion works or finance the move to larger facilities, acquire new production tools and strengthen its workforce. Today, the Phytogers team is made up of 12 employees. The goal is to start recruiting later this year to double that workforce.

“If I have some big files coming in, I run the risk of having a growth management problem. It’s a happy problem. I’m open to integrating that dimension to go up a gear and go faster. I already have some contacts and requests established”, concludes Jean-Christophe de Salins.