home appliances used in the Send store in Maugio

a store of envy, used home appliances opened in early January in Mauguio. You can buy refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers at reduced prices. 30 to 60% cheaper than new. The equipment is renewed, sold and guaranteed for one year. This company recruits people in professional integration and experienced home appliance technicians.

Interview with the director of Send in Mauguio, Viviane Radier.

In this store, you sell home appliances. Is everything used?

Absolutely. Send’s principle is to collect used appliances, repair them and put them up for sale at prices between 30 and 60% cheaper than new appliances.

What can you actually buy in your store?

Mainly large household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, wine cellars, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers. Everything that is built-in oven, microwave oven, plates. We have from time to time, as at the moment, small appliances, such small appliances as plancha, electric barbecue, iron. Stuff like that.

This second-hand appliance when will you get it? When does it reach the end of its useful life or sooner?

You know, when an appliance store sells you a new appliance, it should offer you to return your old appliance. And so, these are the products that come back to us through an agreement with the eco-organization eco. So these are products that have been used in people’s homes. They come to us when people want to change them.

There are several reasons. Or there was a malfunction and we will test it. Sometimes it is correctable. Sometimes it isn’t. Or are they the people who wanted to change their appliances because they were tired. Which means there wasn’t necessarily a breakdown. If they’re not too old to be attractive, they are almost renovated. There is a lot of cleaning work. Sometimes we start over at body level, repaint. Our products that are in the store look, not necessarily new, because they obviously are not, but they are very, very clean and are actually very attractive.

And above all, are they much cheaper than the new ones?

Yes, depending on the products, depending on your age, depending on your condition. We are between 30 to 60% cheaper than the same new device.

Viviane Radier, working at envio can be a professional stepping stone. Of the 13 Mauguio employees, 9 are in professional integration?

Exactly, envy is a integration company, which means we are approved to hire people who are away from employment. Most are people who haven’t been in the job market for a long time. For two years or more, or people with difficulty re-entering the job market, people who receive social minimums.

We recruit them. Our commitment is to train them in this profession of electrical appliance technician. Furthermore, at the same time, we support them in their sustainable professional reintegration approach. With us, these employees will spend a maximum of two years, but on average they spend between 16 and 18 months. This not only allows them to regain some presence in the professional environment, but also to get back into the habit of coming to work punctually every day, respecting instructions, data, etc. At the same time, we support them for a more sustainable professional reintegration.

There are professional integration positions. But are you also looking to recruit people who are already trained?

Yes, because to supervise and train employees in integration, who are not asked for experience and specific skills, we have these technical supervisor positions that are permanent positions, namely in the workshop. We have appliance technicians trained and experienced, with the position of team leader of appliance technicians, who are responsible for training employees in integration.

More information about Send to Mauguio on their website.

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