get an immediate tax credit!

All individuals in need of in-home personal services can avail of immediate advance service. This is a new aid that allows French families to benefit immediately from a tax credit, whereas in the past it was necessary to wait several months. It is a free service that can be accessed through a simple membership.

What is the immediate tax credit for personal services?

Previously, families who needed personal services, such as home cleaning, had to pay the full amount to pay benefits before they could claim a tax credit when they turned in their tax return the following year.

But now, with the immediate advance, the tax credit can be deducted directly from the amounts owed. The household only has to pay 50% of the amounts payable. As of April 2022, individuals wishing to use a personal services company such as Helpling can benefit from this immediate advance. It is up to the home cleaning company to carry out the registration procedures for customers who wish to take advantage of the immediate tax credit.

How to choose your personal services company?

If you want to take care of your loved ones, you can find the support you need through home care companies. Outside help provides rest, a needed rest for caregivers to avoid chronic fatigue that diminishes their health status and negatively affects the care of their loved ones.

A home help company, or home cleaning, should reach where families are struggling. Your job is to provide cordiality, humane treatment, professionalism and empathy.

This type of business will allow you to benefit from the services of a housekeeper who helps you with household chores and various daily tasks. At the end of the day, this is someone you can trust and who will respond when you need them. In other words, choosing your personal services company should not be taken lightly. You need competent and experienced professionals.

look for quality

A company with quality accolades and a total quality approach not only in its work but also in its management offers a superior guarantee. The company must have internal control and external control to face all the challenges that arise in its field of activity.

look for versatility

Constant change characterizes today’s world and that’s why it’s better, as in other matters, to be open to hiring a cleaning service that offers several services. A company capable of offering a wide range of ancillary services offers the confidence of follow-up that any client may need at any time.

look for skills

A cleaning team with proven experience and ongoing training is always a winning team. But it is also necessary to demand that the appropriate safety measures and working conditions be respected for each task.

look for references

It is always advisable to check if a company has satisfied customers, even more so in the personal service sector. The best way to evaluate a job is to see its results and when it hasn’t been tried, it’s possible to verify it with other clients.

Pursuing respect for the environment and health

It is increasingly important for a cleaning company to have a clear focus on reducing waste, protecting the environment, not using chemicals, saving water or using non-polluting machines and products. Protecting the environment and health is essential to achieve the ultimate goal of cleaning: caring for people.

What are the steps to choose the best cleaning company?

To choose a personal services company, you must start by making an accurate selection before making your final decision.

The selection

It is good practice to consider only the fundamental or unavoidable aspects, usually the basic need or needs of the home. Based on this, however complex it may be, a filter is defined that minimizes the possibilities.

With a manageable number of projects that can meet key requirements, you can conduct a more detailed assessment of other aspects. Then you can consider secondary issues and preferences that help you choose the best cleaning company.


Once you’ve found the perfect company, it’s time to balance budgets.

Because cleaning is such a fundamental task with such tangible and significant benefits, a company should never be turned down for the budgeted amount, as long as the offer makes sense. Emphasis should be placed on the expected benefits and the proposed work.

Indeed, with similar budgets, you can find very different services, either by the degree of innovation or by the search for solutions focused on the customer’s needs. It is important to properly analyze all proposals, as the real advantage lies in the solutions, processes or techniques used, and not in the investment.

Either way, you can always compare offers by asking for multiple quotes.

the extra points

Are you nearing the end of the process and don’t have a clear decision? If that happens, it’s time to look into other issues. For example, quality certificates or eco-labels, which accredit the values ​​of the home cleaning company.

You can also explore a trajectory beyond the professional, as this can give an idea of ​​the company’s commitment to work and its activity. For example, participation in socio-sports campaigns, employee benefits, corporate social responsibility policies, etc.

Now you know how to choose a cleaning company and how to benefit from the tax credit to finance your daily personal services!

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