Fuel, boxes, labor: the cost of removals is rising, here’s why

Change can be expensive, and even more so now. (©Engel73 / Adobe Stock illustration)

The month of May is just beginning, and with it, an increase in the number of movements. Students leave their apartments, the school year is ending for them. Others will settle in their new housingwith a view to starting his student life.

But beware, this year, change could cost more, as much by their own means than resorting to engines. The reason: the increase in the price of fuel and cardboard in particular, a result of the current inflationary trend. Covid-19 and war in ukraine in your mind.

Between 200 and 500 euros more

Each year, approximately 3 million people are moving. It is difficult to assess the total cost of a move, as the parameters are very broad: moving from one end of France to the other for a family does not cost the same price as moving from one apartment to another. in the same city for a single couple, for example.

But in 2022, the operation would be subject, in any case, to greater expenses. Moving in the same city with the help of a moving company would cost between an additional 200 and 500 euros, as indicated by Karen Brudy, vice president of the Chambre Syndicale du Déménagement (CSD), and herself head of a small localized engine company. in Gironde.

Increase in production costs

Because this sector is experiencing a significant increase in its production costs in the last two or three years, “And even more so since Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine,” laments Karen Brudy. Increases in production costs which therefore affect the prices offered to your customers.

A long-distance move can now cost €5,000 and go up to €8,000. For a door-to-door urban move, before we were around 900 to 1000 euros per move. Today, we can add 20-30% using our services because everything is more expensive.

Karen BrudyVice-President of the Trade Union Chamber of Removals

Labor, fuel and materials

Thus, at the top of these expenses that are increasing are: fuel, labour, transport vehicles and moving material (namely cardboard and glue).

“First, the sector is experiencing an increase in the price of labor (due to the increase in minimum wage), added to the lack of manpower. And this expense item is the most important for us. We also know an increase in the cost per kilometer, due to a very significant increase in the price of fuel in recent months, in the order of 22%”, explains Karen Brudy.

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80% more for cardboard

In addition to these expense items, the price of mobile equipment has increased exponentially. An essential element for a movement undergoes an increase in its price: the card.

In question, the increase in the cost of raw material, energy and therefore the pulp used to make cardboard, a direct consequence of the war in Ukraine.

“Cardboard has increased by 80% in one year”, exclaims the vice-president of the CSD, which represents and defends the movement of commerce and related activities, with around 600 associated companies.

a financial bubble

In addition to cardboard, stickers and purchases of transport utilities are the ones that suffer most from this inflation. “The stickers have seen their price increase by 100%. And the moving sector is experiencing tension in the supply of commercial transport vehicles”, continues the vice president of the Chambre Syndicale du Déménagement.

It has also become nearly impossible to buy used vehicles for these moving companies.

This phenomenon creates “a financial bubble”, which affects the cost of services offered by carriers. “When customers who have never used our removal services learn about our rates, they don’t ask questions and accept a cost that can be high. But those who have called us in the past are surprised”, continues the business manager.

Moving alone also costs more

Individuals who decide to move on their own – particularly students or young couples – will not be spared either, as renting a van from their side no longer costs the same price as before, due to rising fuel prices and mileage costs. The same goes for buying boxes and supplies in general.

Even if these people do not experience an increase of the same order as those who turn to professional companies, the increase in the price of their move will still be there.

Karen Brudy Vice-President of the Trade Union Chamber of Removals

However, Karen Brudy asserts: the moving industry has been growing for twenty years and is not going to plummet, despite all these expenses increasing. “People are increasingly turning to engines, they need them. »

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