Forget Black Friday, here are 7 nuggets from these French days

French days are now! This spring edition has been running since this morning and will end on May 9th. Major French traders are involved in the event which aims to capitalize on French know-how. Cdiscount, Fnac, Boulanger, but also Amazon and AliExpress have revealed some great nuggets. It’s almost like Black Friday, except it falls in the middle of May.

Given the multitude of offers dedicated to French Days, we have made a list of the best current offers from merchants. Please note that these are mostly flash sales that are meant to last a few hours. As always, the most attractive offers are revealed from the start. From day one, the first out-of-stocks happen quickly.

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French Days is a French-French operation that has been taking place twice a year for a few years now. This occurs in May, as is the case with this edition, and in September. The event of the moment is the most sought after by the public because the period remains calm among traders outside of this week dedicated to bargains.

If this edition of the French Days seduces so many people, it is also because it takes place before summer. On the one hand, the public can start preparing for the holidays by doing business. On the other hand, merchants can reveal real offers instead of having to run out of stocks as is the case during sales, so that we find more premium offers during this period. It’s kind of a summer version of Black Friday.

An alternative to the famous Black Friday?

The French Days have been around for several years, so this event always attracts more people edition after edition. The operation always takes place in the same way, namely that it extends over a period of 5 days. Like Black Friday or Prime Day, the best deals are launched from the beginning of the operation. All references that are out of stock are no longer available: they cannot be found until they are restocked at the starting price a few weeks later.

For French Days, AliExpress has chosen to show its offers even before the start of the operation. Several references have been accompanied since Tuesday morning by a mention of the colors of the tricolor flag. They have been active since Wednesday morning at 9 am on site. In the list there are many smartphones, but also tablets, screens or even wireless headphones. Each time, the discounted product benefits from a code that is added to the basic discount.

On the other hand, French Days are also featured on Cdiscount. The French trader is always present for this operation, even today. On its e-commerce site, there are already thousands of offers, including premium offers targeting equally important brands such as Samsung, Apple, Dyson or Bose. For this first day, the Bordeaux website has already enchanted us with its offers.

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Cdiscount and AliExpress are not the only ones to participate in the France Journeys in 2022. Amazon, Fnac, Boulanger, Carrefour, Leclerc and many others are also part of this new edition, which started this morning, Wednesday, May 4th. As we said, all merchants launch their best offers as soon as the operation is officially launched. Day one remains the best time to do business and find nuggets.

Our list of all the best French Days 2022 deals should save you some time. Looking at all the pages dedicated to offers from various online merchants like AliExpress, Amazon, Cdiscount or even Fnac can take a lot of time quickly. With our selection, you are informed of the best offers and breaks in real time so you don’t miss the most attractive offers.

Enjoy the French Days without taking any risks

During French Days, you are entitled to the usual guarantees when placing an order online. Whether on AliExpress, Cdiscount, Fnac, Boulanger or others, the withdrawal period is 14 days in France. This is the minimum period for merchants to be able to return an item for free for a refund. All merchants comply with it to comply with regulations.

For its part, French Days or Black Friday, Amazon goes even further by offering a 30-day withdrawal period on its entire catalog. Whether it’s 14 days or 30 days, this ensures you have a second chance, an added guarantee to place an order online with the merchant. Even on products you bought at a bargain price, that safety net holds.

If it were necessary to specify it, we note that the French Days are accessible to everyone. You don’t need to be a member of certain loyalty programs at online merchants to access the best deals – unlike Prime Day on Amazon, for example. Just go to AliExpress, Cdiscount, Fnac or others and choose the item you like to qualify for the accompanying discount and do business.

As we said, French Days on Cdiscount, Fnac, Boulanger and others have been attacking heavily since this morning. The best deals are available from 7 am, while those from the AliExpress merchant are active from this morning. In the next few hours, many ruptures will already occur on all e-commerce sites participating in this 2022 edition. This episode is almost at the level of Black Friday.

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