Close to Rennes. Euro-Shelter opens its new facilities in La Janais

After decades spent in the Courrouze district of Rennes, Euro-shelter, a subsidiary of the Toutenkamion Group, has taken over the management of the La Janais site in Chartres de Bretagne. Within the industrial excellence center, the company (39 employees) will be able to develop its activity while working on its carbon footprint. This Tuesday, the inauguration of its new facilities marks the end of several months of work on adapting the pre-existing 6,115 m2 building that now houses the design and production of mobile units with reinforced tools.

seamless integration

It is in the heart of the former building intended for the production of Citroën prototypes, at the Stellantis (formerly PSA) facility, that this new chapter for Euro-Shelter’s activity opens. This installation was the object of a study aimed at limiting the transformations of the building and its surroundings. The objective was to allow the insertion of the activity of design and manufacture of mobile units, in particular military and medical, while guaranteeing the comfort of the employees, and that, without distorting the place.

In this new space, Euro-Shelter will also be able to host the production of a new concept of light utility vehicle (3T5) whose particularity is an interior layout that can be quickly modified by the user, according to their needs.

New industrial media

With this move, the Toutenkamion Group, the parent company, has invested heavily in Euro-Shelter’s production facilities to better support its customers in the development of increasingly complex solutions that require the implementation of large robotic aluminum welding.

This is how a new unique welding robot, integrating the best technologies in the field and a new well equipped with a motorized turner, will allow the production of mechanically welded assemblies up to 12 x 2.5 x 2.5 meters.

The painting activity was also revisited and benefits from new means of sandblasting and painting in order to guarantee the management of sub-assemblies for a more accurate delivery of the integration schedule.

As for the integration, it takes place in a large workshop in the cathedral that will soon be equipped with an overhead crane to allow easy loading of shelters.

euroshelter reindeer

Support from local authorities

This new stage of the Euro-Shelter was made possible thanks to the support of the Brittany Region and the Métropole de Rennes, with the help of France Relance.

This company development on the Janais site continues with the continuous recruitment of painters, project engineers, skilled welders, assemblers-integrators… which is equivalent to a 30% increase in permanent staff for 2 years.

Per Stephane GirardPresident of the Toutenkamion Group: “ The change was imperative in the strategic plan for the acquisition of Euro-Shelter by the Toutenkamion Group. And without the support of Rennes Métropole and the Brittany region, this operation would have been much more difficult to carry out.
This change was essential for several reasons: the historic location incompatible with the industrial development of Euro-Shelter, the need to focus our industrial investments in means dedicated to the development of a center of expertise in continuous welding, as well as the assembly and integration of small and medium-sized mobile units designed to develop the “going-towards”, the ecological and economic incongruity of the configuration of buildings in La Courrouze.

Per Benoit Le LayDirector of Euro-Shelter: “By moving to the Janais site, Euro-Shelter is integrating a dedicated mobility ecosystem that is 100% compatible with our development strategy. »

Per Natalie AppereMayor of Rennes and President of Rennes Métropole: “ I am delighted with the creation of the Euro-Shelter, which reinforces the momentum initiated by local authorities, industrial actors and the State to make La Janais an exemplary location for the industry of the future. The Center of Industrial Excellence offers sustainable construction and carbon-free mobility companies an ideal ecosystem for their development, while meeting the challenges of re-industrialization and accelerating the ecological transition. »


euro shelter is a subsidiary of Toutenkamion Group (290 employees spread over 4 sites in France, including the one in Rennes) that designs, develops and produces mobile units (radar platform, medical units, command post, etc.), mainly for the defense industry.

The move to the Rennes – La Janais site corresponds to a development of the activity, with a offer for civil useas well as the desire to reorganize the layout of their workshops with a view to reduce your carbon footprint.

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