Batch. The renovation project continues at the Château de Lentillac-Saint-Blaise, near Figeac

In one of the towers of the Château de Lentillac-Saint-Blaise, its owner, Jean-Claude Jeanson (left), alongside elected officials, including Hélène Lacipière, Vice President of Grand Figeac responsible for culture and heritage, and speakers at this project this Monday, May 2, 2022. (©SC)

On Monday, May 2, 2022, the first steering committee linked to the renovation project of the Château de Lentillac-saint-Blaise, near Figeacin the presence of Owner, Jean-Claude Jeanson, elected officials, funders, architects and participating companies. The meeting was followed by a visit to the site and the construction site.

Jean-Claude Jeanson, the son of the country, buys the castle in 2019

The castle of Lentillac-Saint-Blaise is a large building dating back several centuries. He saw several families succeed each other over time. Uninhabited for several years, partially maintained by the young generation of the last owners, the castle has been put up for sale.

In 2019, Jean-Claude Jeanson, originally from the region, acquired it. He entrusted the renovation of the castle to the Toulouse architectural firm L’atelier -A- Architecture Ville et Lumière. The castle site consists of a building, an enclosure and adjacent land. After a year of cleaning and cleaning, the site’s recovery and development project is taking shape. Ultimately, the castle aims to become a quality tourist and cultural complex, with local and regional influence.

A place dedicated to culture

Jean-Claude Jeanson spent part of his childhood in Cuzac and came to play at the castle. today is a Renowned pastry chef-chocolatier in the Lens region, but also passionate about art and architecture. Through a sociocultural project, it intends to recreate the connection, bring this place and its history to life, open it to the public and make people discover the village, namely with the creation of a social and cultural café, a media library, museum space, open-air amphitheater that allows the reception of shows and, later, the development of accommodation.

The excavations carried out have brought to light archaeological remains and will allow us to trace the history of this beautiful castle. This rehabilitation project consists of several phases, namely the restoration of the crown of the northeast tower and its watchtower, then the restoration of the stairs and outer walls (completed in November 2021). The renovation of the central tower has already begun.

A contemporary extension will be added, in place of the ruins, as well as an additional technical building outside the enclosure. Inside, the entire ground floor is intended to accommodate the public.

It is divided into several areas, including a bakery and kitchen area (for cooking workshops), a Front desk (for meetings, seminars, etc.), a museum space and discovery (linked to the owner’s professional activity, local crafts), a reception hall, a canteen (living area), as well as a associative, ecological and solidary library.

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The castle of Lentillac-Saint-Blaise lit up.
The castle of Lentillac-Saint-Blaise lit up. (©Eiffage Energy Systems)

Local companies are carrying out this €4.7 million project

Jean-Claude Jeanson chose to entrust the renovation site to local companies. In the amount of 4.7 million euros, it will be distributed over four years. Currently, there are on-sitemasonry and heritage restoration company Fabien Paramelle (Capdenac) and Eiffage Énergies Systèmes (Branch of Figeac) to the illuminated part of the castle and the site.

At the end of the visit, the owner attests to the good progress of the work. “It’s done slowly, but very well. The quality of the work carried out is done with good intelligence, the same for archaeology. All this allows us to see the future under good auspices. The schedule is maintained. We are in agreement with the institutions, with which we maintain good synergy. I also have the opportunity to work with companies in the sector, who know the right materials to use. They are passionate people, like me. Companions work alongside them. I can only be satisfied with what has been done. After the tower has been reassembled and the walls restored, we will have the final appearance of the historic site, an important first step. »



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