Amibot Spirit Origin test: our opinion

The result of an eco-responsible initiative, Spirit Origin by Amibot offers a particularly interesting and differentiating approach in the field of robotic vacuum cleaners. In fact, the Montpellier company called on many local players to offer a robot vacuum cleaner, the value of which 30% is of French or European origin.

A local, eco-responsible production approach that can be found on multiple levels, whether it’s the Hungarian natural oak cap designed, cut and engraved in France; assembly and repair in France, 100% recycled and recyclable packaging without any plastic packaging; certain robot parts that are recyclable and come from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, etc. In short, a virtuous model that, however, remains affordable and positioned at €399.99.

One could also think that the brand had bet everything on the ethical and aesthetic design of its robot, but the device is equipped with technologies that suggest good performance. In particular, there is a 360° laser rangefinder, a vibrating floor scrubbing function and a cyclonic dust tank for powerful and constant suction. So, does the Origin of Spirit keep its promises? Does it fare better or worse than the under €400 devices we’ve tested recently, like the Xiaomi Vacuum Mop 2S or the yeedi vax max and its dock? The answers in our quiz below.

Introduction and accessories

From the opening, the Spirit Origin seduces us with its wooden case that clearly stands out from what robot vacuum cleaners usually offer. Its natural oak hood is of the most beautiful effect and easily finds its place in the habitat.

Very compact, it has a sober design with a single button on the top to start and a 360° laser rangefinder. On the side, an ON/OFF button must be activated to turn on the device.

bottom view

Finally, under the device, there are 2 wheels for overcoming obstacles and 2 side brushes with wide fringes.

box contents

The device comes with its charging station, a two-material central brush made of rubber and fibers, 4 side brushes, 4 HEPA filters including 1 pre-installed, 2 mops and its water tray, a cleaning accessory, a remote control and a complete user guide in multiple languages.

Use within everyone’s reach

Simple to pair, Spirit Origin works with the Amibot Home app for iOS and Android. After creating an online account, the device easily connects via the app’s Bluetooth and Wifi. For the more tech-savvy, the robot can also be driven by Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants. And for those allergic to new technologies, a remote control provided with the device allows controlling the robot, but without access to the application’s features.


In the latter, it is possible to choose the suction power, among the 3 available: Silent, Standard and Max. And voice notifications can also be adjusted, either in volume or language. Of course, like most robot vacuum cleaners, 2-3 passes are required for good environment recognition and access to other features.

parameter settings

You can select the cleaning mode: Auto, Spot (specific area), along walls or in a chosen room. But also choose adjustable water flow in 3 levels, add restricted areas and virtual limits not to be exceeded, program the device for an automatic start, select time bands (Do Not Disturb), follow the cleaning history or inform yourself about the remaining life of the accessories. The app also allows you to determine various roles within the family (administrators or not).


Navigation to the point, but inaccurate cartography

In terms of navigation, Amibot Spirit Origin surprises with its execution speed and its quickly created cartography. A performance that results from its 360° laser rangefinder and its Smart Scan technology, which allows the robot to adapt its trajectories according to the obstacles it encounters. In addition, this speed allows you to effectively cover the entire house, despite its autonomy of 120 minutes, which is less than some models.

real-time tracking

The device performs a grid navigation that is also possible to follow in real time in the application. Furniture, like obstacles, is deftly contoured, as are chair legs. Only the blinds are avoided when they are close to the ground, a phenomenon we find in most rangefinder models.

chair leg management

And if the navigation doesn’t present problems, the cartography remains light. We’d like to be able to rename the parts, or at least differentiate them by color, but the app doesn’t allow that in this model.

application management

However, the environment is correctly mapped and the creation of restricted areas or rooms to be cleaned remains simple to accomplish.

A little light cyclonic suction

The Spirit Origin has the particularity of being equipped with a dust container with 6 cyclones (easily recognizable when the container is opened), designed to maintain a powerful and constant suction during cleaning. A cyclonic action that also allows good filtration, together with the HEPA filter, to recover very fine dust.

6 cyclone tank

If the suction consistency is checked, the power seems lighter to us than in some models, such as the yeedi vac max station that does better in this area. With carpets, maximum power (with a very tolerable noise level) is also essential and can be modified during cleaning.

terry rug management

As far as mats are concerned, Spirit Origin does not automatically adapt its power, however it manages them effectively. Our long fur rug didn’t suffer much, other than 2 light blocks at the start of the test. Therefore, we created a restricted area to preserve it. On the other hand, short pile rugs, fine or thick, are perfectly managed.

An improved floor scrubbing function

With its vibrating mop function, Spirit Origin effectively cleans floors with a 300ml tank. 3 water levels are available (Low, Medium and High) and they all work correctly as long as you wet the mop first.

floor mopping function

Equipped with the “H2O Acti’V” technology, the tank performs back and forth movements that reproduce the friction of the hand. And while our floors weren’t particularly dirty, the everyday small stains in the kitchen were successfully cleaned.

Be careful however, it is necessary to create restricted areas to avoid rugs that do not detect in washing mode.

water and dust tanks

Also, we find it unfortunate that the dust and water tanks are separated. The device cannot perform the 2 tasks simultaneously and a tank change is expected depending on whether you want to vacuum or wash. This obviously adds to the cleaning time and sometimes the robot will need to return to its charging station between the 2 operations.

Changing the tank is very simple, and the dust container (with a capacity of 450 ml) opens completely to be emptied. An operation that can be complicated if your box is narrow.

Depending on your needs, the yeedi vax max and its self-emptying station (sold for the same price) offer a slightly clearer map, but its floor mopping function is anecdotal and its design much more conventional. Even more affordable, the Realme TechLifeRobot Vacuum is available for around €200 and automatically adapts its power on mats. But at a time when sustainable development and ecological responsibility have become criteria of choice for some, Amibot makes a difference.

With Spirit Origin, Amibot offers a complete and enjoyable robot vacuum, despite some shortcomings in terms of mapping and suction power. However, it is very honorably positioned among its competitors for daily cleaning, eco-responsible design and more.

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