what solution to simplify day-to-day management?

Companies spend a lot of time on tasks that do not directly concern their core business. Sitee, a complete management software, is the complete solution for your business.

The considerable weight of related tasks and services

Customer research, customer relationships, online reputation, communication, marketing, billing… Although they are essential for the life of the company, these missions represent an extremely important investment in terms of time Administrative tasks continue to be one of the main burdens of companies. According to a 2021 study, 73% of HR professionals say they spend at least half of their work time on administrative tasks.

So many areas multiplying the software and platforms necessary for the proper functioning of society. Within sales teams, a Marketing Management study estimates that workers spend only a third of your time to sell. The rest is spent on prospecting, writing emails, data entry, etc.

The proliferation of enterprise software

In addition to the time required, companies tend to multiply the software designed to answer them. Each program being dedicated to a task, this has disadvantages:

  • It is necessary regularly change fromone software to another. This requires importing/exporting files, increasing the work of teams.
  • The company must pay for all this software. A more or less important budget to provide depending on the size of the teams.
  • The Training teams takes longer.

Sitee, an ultra-complete tool for business management

Faced with ever-increasing needs, companies of all sizes are increasingly using all-in-one software like Sitee to manage their organization.

This software includes all essential features in the life of a business. It includes the following functions in particular:

  • Management of schedules and appointments;
  • Quotations and billing;
  • Automated email marketing;
  • Customer relationship management;
  • Online presence;
  • Online reputation management.

The platform includes components directly related to the company’s presence on the web. Offer your customers a dedicated website.

This formula lighten the financial burden company and allows for easier handling. Daily tasks can be managed from a single software, saving considerable time to the teams.

Sitee has the advantage of fulfilling a maximum of different objectives. It should allow you to:

  • Touch more customers ;
  • Manage payments faster;
  • In strengthen your image online.

Become a Sitee ambassador for 6 months

The site also offers the possibility to test all its services for free for 6 months.

To do that, all you need to do is become an ambassador. In exchange for this free and ultra-complete tool, Sitee asks for nothing but active usage and feedback from its customers. All information is available on sitee.fr or via the email address info@sitee.io.

After this trial period, the subscription will be €95/month for two users, a very attractive price given the number of software replaced by the platform.

Due to these numerous of its features, Sitee is led to convince many other entrepreneurs. After subscribing, the brand calls its new user to help them scale the software according to their needs. Whatever the size of the company or its sector of activity, Sitee can help you save time and new customers.

The three main points to remember:

  • Companies need solutions that simplify their daily management. These are administrative aspects, but also marketing or customer relationships.
  • Software that meets as many different needs as possible saves time and money for the company and its teams.
  • With a large number of supported features, Sitee is among the best solutions. Your 6 month free trial will support you.

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