The new eco – Plants to combat absenteeism and increase productivity in the workplace

Plants have a thousand benefits. And these benefits can now also be enjoyed in business, thanks to the very young Dijon company “Brut et Végétal”. Charlène Desclerc and her partner Cédrick Panczuk, its founders, offer green walls but also designer furniture made with recycled waste to bring nature into the world of work and reduce employee stress for an investment of 800 euros per square meter. Interview with Charlene Desclerc.

Charlène Desclerc, co-founder of the Dijon company “Brut et Végétal” © Radio France
Christophe Tourne

The niche of “Brut et Végétal” is to reintroduce plants into workspaces. How?

With very simple solutions that we studied for almost a year to be sure of our product. We propose a green wall, alive and almost autonomous, that is, we have a very efficient irrigation system that makes the wall manage itself. We also have parts separators that are in the same process but that are also easy to move. You can therefore move it around as you like at home or in your business or in an open space. Then we also make environments with vegetation and even potted plants, but if that’s not our niche.

What gave you the idea or the desire to embark on this adventure?

It’s the return after the covid period. I have many friends who had to return to work after a period of teleworking and who did not want to because they work in an open space, or because their office was going to change to a “flex office”, that is, without a designated office, or because the facilities are badly soundproofed. We ask ourselves how to make people want to go back to work and how can we make the work environment really more pleasant? By the way, with my spouse, who is also a co-founder of “Brut et Végétal”, and who is a landscaper by training, we deduced that plants were the solution because they have many virtues.

What virtues do plants provide?

They obviously make the air healthier. They clean. It will also soundproof a room and make the working climate much more pleasant. We have studies that prove, particularly in the Netherlands, that absenteeism is reduced, that productivity increases and that there is less stress, less illness at work in a green space.

Green walls are freestanding and can be movable
Green walls are freestanding and can be movable
raw and vegetable

Your company is new. You created it earlier this year. How does it start?

It starts well. Anyway, the emotion is very good. We’re really really happy that people greet the project saying “but yes, it’s obvious indeed!”. And today we also have this promotion of the CSR policy in companies which is very important and which is really starting to gain strength. And we realized that the plant can help to enhance all this.

Which customer(s) are you targeting?

We have two channels. I’ll see the business manager, simply, or the industrialist. And then I offer him my product. The other channel will be the architect or the agency in search of new products, precisely to enhance the workspaces. And so far it is working very well. Are we happy.

So for now, not individuals?

For the green wall, we can. It’s not a problem. Then we have constraints despite everything, all the same “technicians”. If the installation needs to be less than a meter wide, we’ll move to the green board. But it is quite possible to vegetate at home, it will be with great pleasure!

Where can we find all this? on the Internet or maybe a showroom?

We have both. We have the Internet with a website that has been online for a few weeks, where you can see some creations, both of vegetation, scenography and also of furniture. And then we have a showroom in Dijon, rue Marcel Sembat, very easy to access. We can park there, so come visit us!

Raw and vegetables 100% committed to the circular economy

The second axis of development of “Brut et Végétal” is the creation of furniture from green waste. “We have a partner that is Bio Dev, a local company, which provides us with class A green waste, therefore untreated. This goes from tree stumps, logs, to old beams. We transform all this. , potted plants and we can even make bottle holders. Here, we are making a sun lounger out of an old wooden barrel and we are having fun. We really let creativity operate and at the same time this circular economy makes sense to us because they are materials that come back to life, that come to decorate and bring nature into people’s homes.

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