In Désertines (Allier), the company Chpolansky designs high-precision welding machines

From the outside, the building, located at the end of the Max zone in Désertines, doesn’t look like much. Behind their facades that resemble thousands of others in France, the twelve employees of the Bourbon unit of the Chpolansky group are nevertheless at the forefront of the industry of tomorrow.

High precision laser welding

The company specializes in the design and manufacture of bespoke machines that automate welding and coating operations, primarily with laser processes.

Most of its activity focuses on the glass industry and the molds it uses to produce bottles, glasses or perfume bottles, etc. “But we are starting to open up to other industries, such as mechanics or boilermaking”, emphasizes Quentin Murat, responsible for the research and development and marketing of the Désertines website.

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Productivity gains and energy savings

The key for Chpolansky’s customers is gains in precision, productivity and energy. “We are developing machines that allow, when replacing the torch with the laser, to divide the powder consumption by four. With nickel prices soaring, it makes a big difference,” explains Quentin Murat.

He also cites the example of a machine designed to preheat moulds. “To avoid doing it with flame and therefore with gas, we made a machine that preheats by induction. Divide warm-up time by ten and power consumption by four. »

Also with health benefits for operators. “We equipped one of our mold repair machines with a suction circuit that protects against chromium VI fumes. All with less consumption than a hair dryer. »

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Orders until June 2023

Since its acquisition in 2019 by the Chpolansky group, an almost century-old family business based in Marcoussis, in the Paris region, the website Désertines has hired four people and doubled its turnover.

The latter reached 2.2 million euros last year. “We have a very good order book, full until June 2023, and we are still in the growth phase”, says Michel Rege, director of Chpolansky’s alloy division.

The machines designed and manufactured on site travel across Europe and even recently to the United States. To keep the momentum going, the company also organized a technical fair to present one of its latest innovations. “We are working on innovative technological solutions, so to convince we have to show what we do”, specifies Quentin Murat.

“We brought one hundred and fifty people of a dozen nationalities to Montluçon, adds Michel Rege. Not bad, is it?? »

The Chpolansky group has historically specialized in the sale of hard powders for the glass industry. It also has a maintenance activity for the control and adjustment of safety valves in the steam circuits of nuclear plants.

Miguel Nicolau

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